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Here We Are Podcast

Each week on the Here We Are Podcast comedian Shane Mauss interviews scientists about their research to better understand ourselves and the world around us. Here are some audiobooks written by some of the scientists on the podcast. Enter code HEREWEARE to get 3 months of membership for the price of one month ($14.99).

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The Honest Truth About Dishonesty

How We Lie to Everyone---Especially Ourselves

By Dan Ariely
Narrated by: Simon Jones
Length: 8 hours 35 minutes

Dan Ariely, behavioral economist and the New York Times bestselling author of The Upside of Irrationality and Predictably Irrational, examines the contradictory forces that drive us to cheat and keep us honest, in this groundbreaking look at the way we behave: The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty.  From ticket-fixing in our police departments to... Read more »

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This Is Your Brain on Music - Abridged

The Science of a Human Obsession

By Daniel J. Levitin
Narrated by: Edward Herrmann
Length: 6 hours 9 minutes

What can music teach us about the brain? What can the brain teach us about music? And what can both teach us about ourselves?
In this groundbreaking union of art and science, rocker-turned-neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin (The World in Six Songs and The Organized Mind) explores the connection between music—its performance, its composition, how... Read more »

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The Secret Life of Pronouns

What Our Words Say About Us

By James W. Pennebaker
Narrated by: Robert Fass
Length: 9 hours 37 minutes

We spend our lives communicating. In the last fifty years, we've zoomed through radically different forms of communication, from typewriters to tablet computers, text messages to tweets. We generate more and more words with each passing day. Hiding in that deluge of language are amazing insights into who we are, how we think, and what we feel.

In... Read more »

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Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect

By Matthew D. Lieberman
Narrated by: Mike Chamberlain
Length: 11 hours 16 minutes

In Social, renowned psychologist Matthew Lieberman explores groundbreaking research in social neuroscience, revealing that our need to connect with other people is even more fundamental, more basic, than our need for food or shelter. Because of this, our brain uses its spare time to learn about the social world—other people and our relation to... Read more »

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The Rational Animal

How Evolution Made Us Smarter Than We Think

By Vladas Griskevicius & Douglas T. Kenrick
Narrated by: Tim Andres Pabon
Length: 8 hours 43 minutes

Why do three out of four professional football players go bankrupt? How can illiterate jungle dwellers pass a test that tricks Harvard philosophers? And why do billionaires work so hard—only to give their hard-earned money away? When it comes to making decisions, the classic view is that humans are eminently rational. But growing evidence... Read more »

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The Evolution of Desire

Strategies of Human Mating

By David M. Buss
Narrated by: Greg Tremblay
Length: 12 hours 20 minutes

The groundbreaking, provocative book that uses evolutionary psychology to explain human mating and the mysteries of love.
If we all want love, why is there so much conflict in our most cherished relationships? To answer this question we must look into our evolutionary past, argues prominent psychologist David M. Buss. Based one of the largest... Read more »

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The Humor Code

A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny

By Peter McGraw & Joel Warner
Narrated by: Peter Berkrot
Length: 8 hours 45 minutes

Dr. Peter McGraw, founder of the Humor Research Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder, teamed up with journalist Joel Warner on a far-reaching search for the secret behind humor. Their journey spanned the globe, from New York to Japan, from Palestine to the Amazon. Meanwhile, the duo conducted their own humor experiments along the way—to... Read more »

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Secrets from the Eating Lab

The Science of Weight Loss, the Myth of Willpower, and Why You Should Never Diet Again

By Traci Mann, Ph. D
Narrated by: Donna Postel
Length: 6 hours 14 minutes

From her office in the University of Minnesota’s Health and Eating Lab, professor Traci Mann researches self-control and dieting. And what she has discovered is groundbreaking. Not only do diets not work; they often result in weight gain. Americans are losing the battle of the bulge because our bodies and brains are not hardwired to resist... Read more »

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The Sting of the Wild

By Justin O. Schmidt
Narrated by: L.J. Ganser
Length: 9 hours 40 minutes

Entomologist Justin O. Schmidt is on a mission. Some say it's a brave exploration, others shake their heads in disbelief. His goal? To compare the impacts of stinging insects on humans, mainly using himself as the gauge. In The Sting of the Wild, the colorful Dr. Schmidt takes us on a journey inside the lives of stinging insects, seeing the... Read more »

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The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst

By Robert M. Sapolsky
Narrated by: Michael Goldstrom
Length: 26 hours 25 minutes

The New York Times Bestseller

“It’s no exaggeration to say that Behave is one of the best nonfiction books I’ve ever read.” —David P. Barash, The Wall Street Journal

"It has my vote for science book of the year.” Parul Sehgal, The New York Times

"Hands-down one of the best books I’ve read in years. I loved it." —Dina Temple-Raston, The Washington...
Read more »

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The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked

By Adam Alter
Narrated by: Adam Alter
Length: 8 hours 16 minutes

Irresistible is a fascinating and much needed exploration of one of the most troubling phenomena of modern times.” —Malcolm Gladwell, author of New York Times bestsellers David and Goliath and Outliers

“One of the most mesmerizing and important books I’ve read in quite some time. Alter brilliantly illuminates the new obsessions that are... Read more »

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The Knowledge Illusion

Why We Never Think Alone

By Steven Sloman & Philip Fernbach
Narrated by: Mike Chamberlain
Length: 9 hours 52 minutes

“The Knowledge Illusion is filled with insights on how we should deal with our individual ignorance and collective wisdom.” —Steven Pinker

We all think we know more than we actually do.

Humans have built hugely complex societies and technologies, but most of us don’t even know how a pen or a toilet works. How have we achieved so much despite... Read more »

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The Hidden Intelligence of Hormones - How They Drive Desire, Shape Relationships, Influence Our Choices, and Make Us Wiser

By Martie Haselton
Narrated by: Tanya Eby
Length: 7 hours

The hidden intelligence of hormones and their role in empowering women to succeed sexually, reproductively, and socially.

Did you know women walk more, eat less, socialize more, meet more men, dance more, and flirt more when they're ovulating? Or that PMS may have evolved to get rid of boyfriends with unfit sperm? Behind the "fickle" differences... Read more »

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Disgust, Morality, and the Law

By Debra Lieberman & Carlton Patrick
Narrated by: Matthew Josdal
Length: 11 hours 39 minutes

Why do we consider incest wrong, even when it occurs between consenting adults unable to have children? Why are words that gross us out more likely to be deemed "obscene" and denied the protection of the First Amendment? In Objection, psychologists Debra Lieberman and Carlton Patrick examine disgust and its impact on the legal system to show why... Read more »

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How Language Began

The Story of Humanity's Greatest Invention

By Daniel L. Everett
Narrated by: Jonathan Yen
Length: 13 hours 10 minutes

Mankind has a distinct advantage over other terrestrial species: we talk to one another. But how did we acquire the most advanced form of communication on Earth? Daniel L. Everett, a "bombshell" linguist and "instant folk hero" (Tom Wolfe, Harper's), provides in this sweeping history a comprehensive examination of the evolutionary story of... Read more »

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Almost Human

The Astonishing Tale of Homo naledi and the Discovery That Changed Our Human Story

By Lee Berger & John Hawks
Narrated by: Donald Corren
Length: 6 hours 34 minutes

A story of defiance and determination by a controversial scientist, this is Lee Berger's own take on finding Homo naledi, an all-new species on the human family tree and one of the greatest discoveries of the twenty-first century.

In 2013, Lee Berger, a National Geographic explorer-in-residence, heard of a cache of bones in a hard-to-reach... Read more »

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