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hello hello is 8!

To celebrate our 8th birthday, here's a playlist of eight books with eight in the title. Because we're 8! And we think stuff like that is funny!

Eight Black Horses

87th Precinct Series
By Ed McBain
Narrated by Dick Hill /  8 hours 17 minutes

Finding a dead body was not unusual for an autumn night in the 87th Precinct. But this young woman’s body was naked—and potentially related to the series of odd missives received at the station house. All signs point to the Deaf Man’s return, this time with a plot more diabolical than even the jaded policemen could imagine. He’s been sending... Read More »


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Eight by London

By Jack London
Narrated by Frank Marcopolos /  4 hours 32 minutes

Consists of the following eight Jack London short stories:To Build a Fire (1908 Version)Lost FaceThe Law of LifeLove of LifeAn Adventure in the Upper SeaA Nose for the KingAn Odyssey of the NorthA Thousand Deaths Read More »


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Eight Flavors

The Untold Story of American Cuisine
By Sarah Lohman
Narrated by Sarah Lohman /  8 hours 33 minutes

The United States boasts a culturally and ethnically diverse population which makes for a continually changing culinary landscape. But a young historical gastronomist named Sarah Lohman discovered that American food is united by eight flavors: black pepper, vanilla, curry powder, chili powder, soy sauce, garlic, MSG, and Sriracha. In Eight... Read More »


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Eight Months on Ghazzah Street

By Hilary Mantel
Narrated by Sandra Duncan /  10 hours 38 minutes

When Frances Shore joins her engineer husband in Jeddah she is warned not to ask questions. But bored, she begins to speculate about her neighbours and the empty flat above her. At first she believes the flat is being used as a lover's tryst - then she suspects something more sinister. Read More »


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Eight Men Out

The Black Sox and the 1919 World Series
By Eliot Asinof
Narrated by Harold N. Cropp /  11 hours 26 minutes

In 1919, American headlines proclaimed the fix and cover-up of the World Series as "the most gigantic sporting swindle in the history of America." In this painstaking review, Eliot Asinof has reconstructed the entire scene-by-scene story of the scandal, in which eight Chicago White Sox players arranged with the nation's leading gamblers to throw... Read More »


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Eight Cousins

or The Aunt Hill
Eight Cousins: Book #1
By Louisa May Alcott
Narrated by Barbara Caruso /  7 hours 39 minutes

Recently orphaned, young Rose Campbell is sent to the "Aunt Hill," where Uncle Alex, her six aunts and seven boy cousins live in noisy confusion. It is nothing like the quiet girls' boarding school that has been Rose's home for the past year. Surrounded by a bewildering array of pets, relatives, and unfamiliar foods, the fragile girl wonders if... Read More »


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Eight White Nights

A Novel
By Andre Aciman
Narrated by Paul Boehmer /  16 hours 10 minutes

Eight White Nights is an unforgettable journey through that enchanted terrain where passion and fear and the sheer craving to ask for love and to show love can forever alter who we are. A man in his late twenties goes to a large Christmas party in Manhattan where a woman introduces herself with three words: "I am Clara." Over the following seven... Read More »


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Eight Girls Taking Pictures

A Novel
By Whitney Otto
Narrated by Joy Osmanski /  12 hours 29 minutes

“A moving read about the pleasures and pangs that define the lives of women” (USA TODAY) from the bestselling author of How to Make an American Quilt.

A profoundly moving portrayal of the lives of women, imagining the thoughts and events that produced eight famous female photographers of the twentieth century. Inspired by the work of Imogen... Read More »


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