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Funky Feminist Fiction

Funky Feminist Fiction

Strong female protagonists, badass female authors, and a mixture of speculative fiction. Great for book groups and for yourself.

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The Golem and the Jinni

A Novel

By Helene Wecker
Narrated by: George Guidall
Length: 19 hours 42 minutes

“An intoxicating fusion of fantasy and historical fiction. . . . Wecker’s storytelling skills dazzle." —Entertainment Weekly

A marvelous and absorbing debut novel about a chance meeting between two supernatural creatures in turn-of-the-century immigrant New York. 

Chava is a golem, a creature made of clay by a disgraced rabbi knowledgeable in the...

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Jane, Unlimited

By Kristin Cashore
Narrated by: Rebecca Soler
Length: 14 hours 37 minutes

An instant New York Times bestseller—from the award-winning author of the Graceling Realm series—about adventure, grief, storytelling, and finding yourself in a world of seemingly infinite choices.

"A wild gift for readers who like books that take them to unexpected places."—Melissa Albert, author of The Hazel Wood

Jane has lived a mostly ordinary... Read more »

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Get In Trouble


By Kelly Link
Narrated by: Various
Length: 9 hours 56 minutes

She has been hailed by Michael Chabon as “the most darkly playful voice in American fiction” and by Neil Gaiman as “a national treasure.” Now Kelly Link’s eagerly awaited new collection—her first for adult readers in a decade—proves indelibly that this bewitchingly original writer is among the finest we have.
Link has won an ardent following for... Read more »

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A Tale for the Time Being

By Ruth Ozeki
Narrated by: Ruth Ozeki
Length: 14 hours 43 minutes

A brilliant, unforgettable, and long-awaited novel from bestselling author Ruth Ozeki

“A time being is someone who lives in time, and that means you, and me, and every one of us who is, or was, or ever will be.”

In Tokyo, sixteen-year-old Nao has decided there’s only one escape from her aching loneliness and her classmates’ bullying. But before... Read more »

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A Natural History of Dragons

A Memoir by Lady Trent
The Lady Trent Memoirs: Book #1

By Marie Brennan
Narrated by: Kate Reading
Length: 10 hours 16 minutes

A Natural History of Dragons

“This is not your conventional fantasy novel with high-flying adventure, magic, and epic battles. Marie Brennan has done a wonderful job writing a fictionalized memoir set in a Victorian-like period, by a young woman who has a love for dragons (which are real), and goes against convention to study them. The narrator is an old woman recalling her earlier adventures that led up to her as a respected natural historian. I found the novel refreshing. Brennan is not trying to make a completely likable heroine. The writing is convincing, sharp, whimsical, and beautiful. I would recommend this book for fantasy lovers, admirers of the Regency/Victorian era, or anyone who loves dragons, wants to believe they are real, or are interested in their study! The narrator is Kate Reading & I could listen to her all day!”

The Bookloft image Julia, The Bookloft
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Alif the Unseen

By G. Willow Wilson
Narrated by: Sanjiv Jhaveri
Length: 15 hours 20 minutes

In an unnamed Middle Eastern security state, a young Arab-Indian hacker shields his clients—dissidents, outlaws, Islamists, and other watched groups—from surveillance and tries to stay out of trouble. He goes by Alif—the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, and a convenient handle to hide behind. The aristocratic woman Alif loves has jilted him...

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A Secret History of Witches

A Novel

By Louisa Morgan
Narrated by: Polly Lee
Length: 17 hours 32 minutes

A sweeping historical saga that traces five generations of fiercely powerful mothers and daughters -- witches whose magical inheritance is both a dangerous threat and an extraordinary gift.

Brittany, 1821.

After Grand-Mere Ursule gives her life to save her family, their magic seems to die with her.

Even so, the Orchires fight to keep the old ways... Read more »

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The Wanderers

By Meg Howrey
Narrated by: Mozhan Marno
Length: 10 hours 42 minutes

The Wanderers

“In The Wanderers, Meg Howrey brilliantly weaves together the vastness of outer space with the intimacy of human nature. Howrey's characters are artfully drawn - full of strengths and failings and each yearning for something in their relationships with others. The Mars simulation at the center of the story represents an exciting new frontier for human beings, but Howrey's astronauts demonstrate that even those driving the larger quest for human greatness are flawed individuals leading complicated lives. This is a wonderfully introspective novel on the meaning of space exploration and what we learn about ourselves when facing the unknown.”

Literati Bookstore image Kelsey O'Rourke, Literati Bookstore
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Life After Life

A Novel

By Kate Atkinson
Narrated by: Fenella Woolgar
Length: 15 hours 26 minutes

What if you could live again and again, until you got it right?

On a cold and snowy night in 1910, Ursula Todd is born to an English banker and his wife. She dies before she can draw her first breath. On that same cold and snowy night, Ursula Todd is born, lets out a lusty wail, and embarks upon a life that will be, to say the least, unusual.... Read more »

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