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2018 Co-op Notable Audiobooks

Unscientifically gathered, based on unquantifiable criteria, and compiled by our buyers at the Seminary Co-op (widely regarded as one of the best academic bookstores in the world), this playlist is composed of audiobooks that helped define 2018 at the Co-op. Listen with us and see all 2018 Co-op Notables.

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Looking for Lorraine

The Radiant and Radical Life of Lorraine Hansberry

By Imani Perry
Narrated by: LisaGay Hamilton
Length: 8 hours 26 minutes

Winner of the 2019 PEN/Jacqueline Bograd Weld Award for Biography

Winner of the Lambda Literary Award for LGBTQ Nonfiction

Winner of the Shilts-Grahn Triangle Award for Lesbian Nonfiction

Winner of the 2019 Phi Beta Kappa Christian Gauss Award

A New York Times Notable Book of 2018

A revealing portrait of one of the most gifted and charismatic, yet...
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The Monarchy of Fear

A Philosopher Looks at Our Political Crisis

By Martha C. Nussbaum
Narrated by: Amanda Carlin & Martha C. Nussbaum
Length: 8 hours 23 minutes

From one of the world’s most celebrated moral philosophers comes a thorough examination of the current political crisis and recommendations for how to mend our divided country.

For decades Martha C. Nussbaum has been an acclaimed scholar and humanist, earning dozens of honors for her books and essays. In The Monarchy of Fear she turns her... Read more »

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A Few Red Drops

The Chicago Race Riot of 1919

By Claire Hartfield
Narrated by: J.D. Jackson
Length: 3 hours 57 minutes

On a hot day in July 1919, five black youths went swimming in Lake Michigan, unintentionally floating close to the white beach. An angry white man began throwing stones at the boys, striking and killing one. Racial conflict on the beach erupted into days of urban violence that shook the city of Chicago to its foundations. This mesmerizing... Read more »

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My Midnight Years

Surviving Jon Burge’s Police Torture Ring and Death Row

By Ronald Kitchen, Thai Jones & Logan M. McBride
Narrated by: Prentice Onayemi
Length: 8 hours 36 minutes

Ronald Kitchen was walking to buy cookies for his young son on a summer evening in 1988 when Chicago detectives picked him up for questioning. As the officers’ car headed toward the precinct, the twenty-two-year-old called out the window to his family, “I’ll be back in forty-five minutes.”

It took him twenty-one years to make it home.

Kitchen was... Read more »

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The Bedroom

An Intimate History

By Michelle Perrot & Lauren Elkin
Narrated by: Christa Lewis
Length: 13 hours 52 minutes

The winner of France's prestigious Prix Femina Essai (2009), this imaginative and captivating book explores the many dimensions of the room in which we spend so much of our lives—the bedroom. Eminent cultural historian Michelle Perrot traces the evolution of the bedroom from the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans to today, examining its... Read more »

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Lives of the Eminent Philosophers

by Diogenes Laertius

By Diogenes Laertius, Pamela Mensch & James Miller
Narrated by: Jennifer M. Dixon
Length: 28 hours 33 minutes

Everyone wants to live a meaningful life. Long before our own day of self-help books offering twelve-step programs and other guides to attain happiness, the philosophers of ancient Greece explored the riddle of what makes a life worth living, producing a wide variety of ideas and examples to follow. This rich tradition was recast by Diogenes... Read more »

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The Art of Logic in an Illogical World

By Eugenia Cheng
Narrated by: Moira Quirk
Length: 9 hours 21 minutes

How both logical and emotional reasoning can help us live better in our post-truth world

In a world where fake news stories change election outcomes, has rationality become futile? In The Art of Logic in an Illogical World, Eugenia Cheng throws a lifeline to readers drowning in the illogic of contemporary life. Cheng is a mathematician, so she... Read more »

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Song in a Weary Throat

Memoir of an American Pilgrimage

By Pauli Murray & Patricia Bell-Scott
Narrated by: Allyson Johnson
Length: 19 hours 43 minutes

Poet, memoirist, labor organizer, and Episcopal priest, Pauli Murray helped transform the law of the land. Arrested in 1940 for sitting in the whites-only section of a Virginia bus, Murray propelled that life-defining event into a Howard law degree and a fight against "Jane Crow" sexism. Her legal brilliance was pivotal to the overturning of... Read more »

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How Thinking Like a Geologist Can Help Save the World

By Marcia Bjornerud
Narrated by: Tanya Eby
Length: 5 hours 44 minutes

Few of us have any conception of the enormous timescales in our planet's long history, and this narrow perspective underlies many of the environmental problems we are creating for ourselves. The passage of nine days, which is how long a drop of water typically stays in Earth's atmosphere, is something we can easily grasp. But spans of hundreds... Read more »

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape

By Sohaila Abdulali
Narrated by: Sohaila Abdulali
Length: 5 hours 56 minutes

What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape

What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape is a public square for those who know a lot about rape and for those who know little. It is a safe space for survivors and a broad-minded attempt to open the conversation to everyone. It’s a global book, relevant in refugee camps and American suburbs. I can’t think of a book to compare it to. Maybe Silent Spring or Unsafe at Any Speed. I hope the world is ready to accept the change this book could bring.”

Sarah McNally image Sarah McNally, McNally Jackson Books
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How the Wiring of Our Brains Shapes Who We Are

By Kevin J. Mitchell
Narrated by: Michael Page
Length: 10 hours 6 minutes

A leading neuroscientist explains why your personal traits are more innate than you think What makes you the way you are—and what makes each of us different from everyone else? In Innate, leading neuroscientist and popular science blogger Kevin Mitchell traces human diversity and individual differences to their deepest level: in the wiring of... Read more »

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Packing My Library

An Elegy and Ten Digressions

By Alberto Manguel
Narrated by: James Cameron Stewart
Length: 3 hours 54 minutes

In June 2015 Alberto Manguel prepared to leave his centuries-old village home in France's Loire Valley and reestablish himself in a one-bedroom apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Packing up his enormous, 35,000-volume personal library, choosing which books to keep, store, or cast out, Manguel found himself in deep reverie on the nature of... Read more »

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To Shape a New World

Essays on the Political Philosophy of Martin Luther King Jr.

By Tommie Shelby, Tommie Shelby, Brandon M. Terry & Brandon M. Terry
Narrated by: Kevin Kenerly, Priya Ayyar, Cary Hite, Robin Miles & Carrington MacDuffie
Length: 16 hours 24 minutes

Martin Luther King Jr. may be America's most revered political figure, commemorated in statues, celebrations, and street names around the world. On the fiftieth anniversary of King's assassination, the man and his activism are as close to public consciousness as ever. But despite his stature, the significance of King's writings and political... Read more »

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The Schoolhouse Gate

Public Education, the Supreme Court, and the Battle for the American Mind

By Justin Driver
Narrated by: Robertson Dean
Length: 19 hours 47 minutes

Washington Post Notable Book of the Year
A New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice

An award-winning constitutional law scholar at the University of Chicago (who clerked for Judge Merrick B. Garland, Justice Stephen Breyer, and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor) gives us an engaging and alarming book that aims to vindicate the rights of public... Read more »

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