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CMB Teen Book Club

The Teen Book Club at Cupboard Maker Books meets once a month. This playlist is the culmination of two years' worth of book club choices for our Teen Book Club. Most of the choices are some sort of fantasy, but there are also one or two mysteries and a few slice of life teen books.

Series of Unfortunate Events #1 Multi-Voice, A: The Bad Beginning - Abridged

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Book #1
By Lemony Snicket
Narrated by Tim Curry /  2 hours 29 minutes


Like a car alarm, bagpipe music, or a doorbell ringing in the middle of the night, hearing this audio edition of The Bad Beginning will only upset you. This unique multi-voice recording brings the first book in Lemony Snicket's alarming A Series of Unfortunate Events to such terrible life that no one should really... Read More »



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Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch (Book 1)

By Joseph Delaney
Narrated by Christopher Evan Welch /  5 hours 14 minutes

Warning: Not to be listened to after dark

Capturing witches, Binding boggarts, Driving away ghosts

For years, Old Gregory has been the Spook for the county, ridding the local villages of evil. Now his time is coming to an end. But who will take over for him? Twenty-nine apprentices have tried -- some floundered, some fled, some failed to stay... Read More »



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The Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane (Book 2)

By Joseph Delaney
Narrated by Christopher Evan Welch /  7 hours 53 minutes

Now it's the dark's turn to be afraid

The Spook and his apprentice, Thomas Ward, deal with the dark. Together they rid the county of witches, ghosts, and boggarts. But now there's some unfinished business to attend to in Priestown. Deep in the catacombs of the cathedral lurks a creature the Spook has never been able to defeat; a force so evil... Read More »



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The Graveyard Book

By Neil Gaiman
Narrated by Neil Gaiman, Derek Jacobi, Robert Madge, Clare Corbett, Miriam Margolyes, Andrew Scott, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Emilia Fox & Reece Shearsmith /  7 hours 43 minutes

Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bod, is a normal boy. He would be completely normal if he didn't live in a sprawling graveyard, being raised and educated by ghosts, with a solitary guardian who belongs to neither the world of the living nor of the dead. There are dangers and adventures in the graveyard for a boy. But if Bod leaves the... Read More »



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The Summoning

Darkest Powers: Book #1
By Kelley Armstrong
Narrated by Cassandra Morris /  8 hours 34 minutes

My name is Chloe Saunders and my life will never be the same again.

All I wanted was to make friends, meet boys, and keep on being ordinary. I don't even know what that means anymore. It all started on the day that I saw my first ghost—and the ghost saw me.

Now there are ghosts everywhere and they won't leave me alone. To top it all off, I... Read More »



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Dorothy Must Die

Dorothy Must Die: Book #1
By Danielle Paige
Narrated by Devon Sorvari /  14 hours 12 minutes

I didn't ask for any of this.
I didn't ask to be some kind of hero.

But when your whole life gets swept up by a tornado—taking you with it—you have no choice but to go along, you know?

Sure, I've read the books. I've seen the movies. I know the song about the rainbow and the happy little bluebirds. But I never expected Oz to look like this. To be a... Read More »



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Red Queen

Red Queen: Book #1
By Victoria Aveyard
Narrated by Amanda Dolan /  12 hours 39 minutes

Red Queen

“With a monarchy in ruins, a queen descending into madness and unseen threats to the throne, twins Carys and Andreus find themselves facing a Trial of Succession to determine who shall rule Eden. While monsters run amuck in the mountains, the twins, who’ve hidden each others secrets from all outsiders, have little time to question the Council of Elders and their complicit plan to head the Hall of Virtues. Carys and Andreus are forced to fight each other through a series of tests to determine who will rule the throne. Will Carys and Andreus’s bond be broken beyond repair by a Trial of Succession or will they persevere and continue to protect each other through the peril and pandemonium?”

McLean & Eakin Booksellers image Kristin, McLean & Eakin Booksellers


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Dread Nation

By Justina Ireland
Narrated by Bahni Turpin /  11 hours 56 minutes

New York Times bestseller * Six starred reviews

At once provocative, terrifying, and darkly subversive, Dread Nation is Justina Ireland's stunning vision of an America both foreign and familiar—a country on the brink, at the explosive crossroads where race, humanity, and survival meet.

Jane McKeene was born two days before the dead began to walk... Read More »



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The Trials of Apollo, Book One: The Hidden Oracle

The Trials of Apollo: Book #1
By Rick Riordan
Narrated by Robbie Daymond /  10 hours 33 minutes

How do you punish an immortal?

By making him human.

After angering his father Zeus, the god Apollo is cast down from Olympus. Weak and disoriented, he lands in New York City as a regular teenage boy. Now, without his godly powers, the four-thousand-year-old deity must learn to survive in the modern world until he can somehow find a way to regain... Read More »



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Life as we Knew It

Last Survivors: Book #1
By Susan Beth Pfeffer
Narrated by Emily Bauer /  8 hours 59 minutes

When Miranda first hears the warnings that a meteor is headed on a collision path with the moon, they just sound like an excuse for extra homework assignments. But her disbelief turns to fear in a split second as the entire world witnesses a lunar impact that knocks the moon closer in orbit, catastrophically altering the earth’s climate. ... Read More »



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The Book Thief

By Markus Zusak
Narrated by Allan Corduner /  13 hours 55 minutes


The extraordinary #1 New York Times bestseller that is now a major motion picture, Markus Zusak's unforgettable story is about the ability of books to feed the soul.

Nominated as one of America's best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read.

When Death has a...
Read More »



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Clockwork Angel

The Infernal Devices: Book #1
By Cassandra Clare
Narrated by Jennifer Ehle /  14 hours 36 minutes

Magic is dangerous—but love is more dangerous still. Discover the riveting first book in the #1 New York Times bestselling Infernal Devices Trilogy, prequel to the internationally bestselling Mortal Instruments series.

In a time when Shadowhunters are barely winning the fight against the forces of darkness, one battle will change the course of... Read More »



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The Hobbit

Prequel to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy
By J.R.R. Tolkien
Narrated by Rob Inglis /  11 hours 4 minutes

Like every other hobbit, Bilbo Baggins likes nothing better than a quiet evening in his snug hole in the ground, dining on a sumptuous dinner in front of a fire. But when a wandering wizard captivates him with tales of the unknown, Bilbo becomes restless. Soon he joins the wizard’s band of homeless dwarves in search of giant spiders, savage... Read More »



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The Darkest Part of the Forest

By Holly Black
Narrated by Lauren Fortgang /  8 hours 39 minutes

A girl makes a secret sacrifice to the faerie king in this lush New York Times bestselling fantasy by author Holly Black

In the woods is a glass coffin. It rests on the ground, and in it sleeps a boy with horns on his head and ears as pointed as knives....

Hazel and her brother, Ben, live in Fairfold, where humans and the Folk exist side by side.... Read More »



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Ink and Bone

The Great Library
Great Library: Book #1
By Rachel Caine
Narrated by Julian Elfer /  10 hours 25 minutes

In an exhilarating new series, New York Times bestselling author Rachel Caine rewrites history, creating a dangerous world where the Great Library of Alexandria has survived the test of time ...

Ruthless and supremely powerful, the Great Library is now a presence in every major city, governing the flow of knowledge to the masses. Alchemy allows... Read More »



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Heirs of Watson Island
Heirs of Watson Island: Book #1
By Martina Boone
Narrated by Joell A. Jacob /  11 hours 29 minutes

All her life, Barrie Watson has been a virtual prisoner in the house where she lived with her shut-in mother. When her mother dies, Barrie promises to put some mileage on her stiletto heels. But she finds a new kind of prison at her aunt's South Carolina plantation instead—a prison guarded by an ancient spirit who long ago cursed one of the... Read More »



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The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

The Land of Stories: Book #1
By Chris Colfer
Narrated by Chris Colfer /  8 hours 59 minutes

The first book in Chris Colfer's #1 New York Times bestselling series The Land of Stories about two siblings who fall into a fairy-tale world!

Alex and Conner Bailey's world is about to change, in this fast-paced adventure that uniquely combines our modern day world with the enchanting realm of classic fairy tales.
The Land of Stories tells... Read More »



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Daughter of Smoke & Bone

Daughter of Smoke & Bone: Book #1
By Laini Taylor
Narrated by Khristine Hvam /  12 hours 32 minutes

The first book in the New York Times bestselling epic fantasy trilogy by award-winning author Laini Taylor

Around the world, black handprints are appearing on doorways, scorched there by winged strangers who have crept through a slit in the sky.

In a dark and dusty shop, a devil's supply of human teeth grown dangerously low.

And in the tangled... Read More »



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Rebel Belle

Rebel Belle
By Rachel Hawkins
Narrated by Amy Rubinate /  9 hours 21 minutes

Harper Price, peerless Southern belle, was born ready for a Homecoming tiara. But after a strange run-in at the dance imbues her with incredible abilities, Harper's destiny takes a turn for the seriously weird. She becomes a Paladin, one of an ancient line of guardians with agility, super strength and lethal fighting instincts. Just when life... Read More »



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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter: Book #7
By J.K. Rowling
Narrated by Jim Dale /  21 hours 35 minutes

"'Give me Harry Potter,' said Voldemort's voice, 'and none shall be harmed. Give me Harry Potter, and I shall leave the school untouched. Give me Harry Potter, and you will be rewarded.'"

As he climbs into the sidecar of Hagrid's motorbike and takes to the skies, leaving Privet Drive for the last time, Harry Potter knows that Lord Voldemort and... Read More »



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