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AkooBooks Audio: Kiese Laymon

Audiobooks by Kiese Laymon. Kiese Laymon is a black southern writer, born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi.

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By Yrsa Daley-Ward
Narrated by: Yrsa Daley-Ward & Kiese Laymon
Length: 1 hours 35 minutes

“yrsa daley-ward’s bone is a symphony of breaking and mending. . . . she lays her hands on the pulse of the thing. . . . an expert storyteller. of the rarest. and purest kind.” —nayyirah waheed, author of salt.

From the celebrated poet Yrsa Daley-Ward, a poignant collection of poems about the heart, life, and the inner self.

Foreword by Kiese... Read more »

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Long Division

By Kiese Laymon
Narrated by: Sean Crisden
Length: 7 hours 41 minutes

Long Division

“Was life so different in 1964, 1985, 2013? This life-changing, time-traveling book within a book that explores the struggle of being a Black 14 year old in Mississippi. Laymon highlights the themes that matter most (family, love, the written word) and the racism that permeates the South - it never really goes away as the years go on, it just takes on different forms in its various cycles. This book is beautiful, thought provoking, and absolutely necessary.”

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An American Memoir

By Kiese Laymon
Narrated by: Kiese Laymon
Length: 6 hours 17 minutes


“Telling the truth has always been a radical and political act, but Kiese Laymon writes in Heavy with a rare, vulnerable unity of personal urgency and political clarity. This is a story about how our country’s lies and thefts weigh heavily on the hearts and souls of its black mothers and sons. About how dishonesty about white supremacy, money, sex, and violence threads through our most intimate relationships and causes us to become strangers to ourselves. If Heavy is about lies, it is also fundamentally about the redemptive power of truth, stories, language, and joy. If there’s a way out of the loneliness of being human in a country that does not value or support humanity, Laymon suggests, it is in the connection we find in the words we toss to one another, like lifelines, like laughter.”

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