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Los clubes de lectura en SOPHOS son una manera fantástica de descubrir lecturas apasionantes y personas con intereses afines. Si quiere descubrir de qué libros estamos hablando en nuestros clubes, esta lista contiene algunos títulos que hemos comentado o que vamos a comentar. ¡Ojalá nos veamos pronto!

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The Varieties of Religious Experience

By William James
Narrated by: John Pruden
Length: 19 hours 2 minutes

First published in 1905, The Varieties of Religious Experience is a collection of lectures given at the University of Edinburgh in 1901 and 1902. William James was a psychologist and, as such, his interest in religion was not that of a theologian but of a scientist. In these twenty lectures, he discusses the nature and origin of religious... Read more »

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Waking Up

A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion

By Sam Harris
Narrated by: Sam Harris
Length: 5 hours 53 minutes

For the millions of Americans who want spirituality without religion, Sam Harris’s latest New York Times bestseller is a guide to meditation as a rational practice informed by neuroscience and psychology.

From Sam Harris, neuroscientist and author of numerous New York Times bestselling books, Waking Up is for the twenty percent of Americans who... Read more »

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Norwegian Wood

By Haruki Murakami
Narrated by: John Chancer
Length: 13 hours 19 minutes

Stunning and elegiac, Norwegian Wood first propelled Haruki Murakami into the forefront of the literary scene.

Toru, a serious young college student in Tokyo, is devoted to Naoko, a beautiful and introspective young woman, but their mutual passion is marked by the tragic death of their best friend years before. As Naoko retreats further into her... Read more »

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Stories of Loss, Grief, and Forgetting

By Joyce Carol Oates
Narrated by: Coleen Marlo
Length: 14 hours 16 minutes

“Oates is a fearless writer.”

—Los Angeles Times


“Oates is a master of the dark tale—stories of the hunted and the hunter, of violence, trauma, and deep psychic wounds.”

—Booklist (starred review)


Sourland is a gripping, haunting, and intensely moving collection of short stories by Joyce Carol Oates, one of America’s preeminent authors.... Read more »

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To Kill a Mockingbird

By Harper Lee
Narrated by: Sissy Spacek
Length: 12 hours 17 minutes

Voted America's Best-Loved Novel in PBS's The Great American Read

Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning masterwork of honor and injustice in the deep South—and the heroism of one man in the face of blind and violent hatred

One of the most cherished stories of all time, To Kill a Mockingbird has been translated into more than forty languages, sold... Read more »

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The Lucifer Effect

Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

By Philip Zimbardo
Narrated by: Kevin Foley
Length: 26 hours 44 minutes

What makes good people do bad things? How can moral people be seduced to act immorally? Where is the line separating good from evil, and who is in danger of crossing it? Renowned social psychologist Philip Zimbardo has the answers, and in The Lucifer Effect he explains how—and the myriad reasons why—we are all susceptible to the lure of "the... Read more »

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The Secret Lives of the Brain

By David Eagleman
Narrated by: David Eagleman
Length: 8 hours 48 minutes

If the conscious mind—the part you consider to be you—is just the tip of the iceberg, what is the rest doing?
In this sparkling and provocative new book, the renowned neuroscientist David Eagleman navigates the depths of the subconscious brain to illuminate surprising mysteries: Why can your foot move halfway to the brake pedal before you... Read more »

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Animal Farm

By George Orwell
Narrated by: Ralph Cosham
Length: 3 hours 11 minutes

George Orwell’s classic satire of the Russian Revolution has become an intimate part of our contemporary culture, with its treatment of democratic, fascist, and socialist ideals through an animal fable. The animals of Mr. Jones’ Manor Farm are overworked, mistreated, and desperately seeking a reprieve. In their quest to create an idyllic society... Read more »

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Social Purpose Annual Report

Social Purpose Annual Report

As we look to the future as a Social Purpose Corporation, we’re committed to serving readers and independent bookstores. Read our 2020 Annual Report to see an overview of the year.

Read the Report


By Thomas More
Narrated by: James Adams
Length: 4 hours 10 minutes

In this political work written in 1516, Utopia is the name given by Sir Thomas More to an imaginary island. Book I of Utopia, a dialogue, presents a perceptive analysis of contemporary social, economic, and moral ills in England. Book II is a narrative describing a country run according to the ideals of the English humanists, where poverty,... Read more »

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By Sir Thomas More
Narrated by: Simon Prebble
Length: 4 hours 11 minutes

Sir Thomas More's Utopia has spurred debate, reflection, and critical thinking since its original publication in the sixteenth century. More's fictional island of Utopia provides an exploration of issues that shook him and his contemporaries and that continue to be problematic in the modern day. The details of More's utopian society, such as the... Read more »

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His Life and Universe

By Walter Isaacson
Narrated by: Edward Herrmann
Length: 21 hours 30 minutes

Winner of the 2008 Audie Award for Biography/Memoir

The definitive, internationally bestselling biography of Albert Einstein. Now the basis of Genius, the ten-part National Geographic series on the life of Albert Einstein, starring the Oscar, Emmy, and Tony Award–winning actor Geoffrey Rush as Einstein.

How did his mind work? What made him a... Read more »

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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin
Narrated by: Michael Edwards
Length: 5 hours 59 minutes

Among other things, Benjamin Franklin was a printer, philosopher, inventor, statesman, and not least, a writer. Franklin’s writings span a long and distinguished career of literary, scientific, and political inquiry—the work of a man whose life lasted for nearly all of the eighteenth century and whose achievements ranged from inventing the... Read more »

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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin
Narrated by: Fredd Wayne
Length: 6 hours 3 minutes

Benjamin Franklin was not only one of America's Founding Fathers-he was also a fascinating character who lived an exciting life. Whether carousing with prostitutes in Paris, taunting lightning bolts with kites, or founding America's first volunteer firefighting organization, Franklin was always at the center of activity. The Autobiography of... Read more »

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Get a free audiobook on Independent Bookstore Day! Learn more