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Paul's Picks

Paul's recommended books from The Book Nook, Canby!

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A New History of the World: The Rise and Fall of the Greatest Civilizations

By Paul Strathern
Narrated by: Elliot Fitzpatrick
Length: 6 hours 12 minutes

A dazzling new history of the world told through the ten major empires of human civilization. Eminent historian Paul Strathern opens the story of Empire with the Akkadian civilization, which ruled over a vast expanse of the region of ancient Mesopotamia, then turns to the immense Roman Empire, where we trace back our Western and Eastern... Read more »

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The Passage

A Novel (Book One of The Passage Trilogy)
Passage Trilogy: Book #1

By Justin Cronin
Narrated by: Scott Brick
Length: 36 hours 46 minutes

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • This thrilling novel kicks off what Stephen King calls “a trilogy that will stand as one of the great achievements in American fantasy fiction.”


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Leviathan Wakes

The Expanse: Book #1

By James S. A. Corey
Narrated by: Jefferson Mays
Length: 20 hours 55 minutes

The first book in the revolutionary New York Times bestselling Expanse series, a modern masterwork of science fiction. Leviathan Wakes introduces Captain James Holden, his crew, and Detective Miller as they unravel a horrifying solar system wide conspiracy that begins with a single missing girl. Now a Prime Original series.

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The Last Days of Night

A Novel

By Graham Moore
Narrated by: Johnathan McClain
Length: 12 hours 59 minutes

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “A world of invention and skulduggery, populated by the likes of Edison, Westinghouse, and Tesla.”—Erik Larson
“A model of superior historical fiction . . . an exciting, sometimes astonishing story.”—The Washington Post
From Graham Moore, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Imitation Game and New York Times... Read more »

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Dies the Fire

Emberverse: Book #1

By S. M. Stirling
Narrated by: Todd McLaren
Length: 21 hours 58 minutes

Michael Havel was flying over Idaho en route to the holiday home of his passengers when the plane's engines inexplicably died, forcing a less than perfect landing in the wilderness. And, as Michael leads his charges to safety, he begins to realize that the engine failure was not an isolated incident. Juniper Mackenzie was singing and playing... Read more »

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Hollow Kingdom

By Kira Jane Buxton
Narrated by: Robert Petkoff
Length: 10 hours 10 minutes

Hollow Kingdom

“We need more heroes like S.T. — a foul-mouthed, idealistic, moral crow with unquenchable courage — and his sidekick, a befuddled bloodhound. Kira Jane Buxton speaks crow, gull, dog, housecat, and owl with such fluency and poetry that I could not put this book down. Her vision of the zombie apocalypse is a strange and wonderful journey I want to take again and again. I really can’t think of another current novel that conveys such humor, joy, sorrow, and hope so beautifully. Thank you for restoring my faith that this world may live on.”

River Lights Bookstore image Dena Kurt, River Lights Bookstore
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By Peter Watts
Narrated by: T. Ryder Smith
Length: 11 hours 47 minutes

Set in 2082, Peter Watts' Blindsight is fast-moving hard SF that pulls readers into a futuristic world where a mind-bending alien encounter is about to unfold. After the Firefall, all eyes are locked heavenward as a team of specialists aboard the self-piloted spaceship Theseus hurtles outbound to intercept an unknown intelligence. Read more »

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By Michael Flynn
Narrated by: Anthony Heald
Length: 17 hours 15 minutes

In 1349, one small town in Germany disappeared and was never resettled. Tom, a contemporary historian, and his theoretical physicist girlfriend, Sharon, become interested. By all logic, the town should have survived, but it didn’t. Why? What was special about Eifelheim that it utterly disappeared more than six hundred years ago?

In 1348, as the... Read more »

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The Three-Body Problem

The Three-Body Problem Series: Book #1

By Cixin Liu & Ken Liu
Narrated by: Luke Daniels
Length: 13 hours 25 minutes

Soon to be a Netflix Original Series!

War of the Worlds for the 21st century.” – Wall Street Journal

The Three-Body Problem
is the first chance for English-speaking readers to experience the Hugo Award-winning phenomenon from China's most beloved science fiction author, Liu Cixin.

Set against the backdrop of China's Cultural Revolution, a secret... Read more »

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A Novel

By Blake Crouch
Narrated by: Jon Lindstrom & Abby Craden
Length: 10 hours 46 minutes


“As soon as I saw Blake Crouch’s name, I scooped this book up. As a huge fan of Dark Matter, I knew I was in for a treat. In his newest, Crouch quickly reveals the cause of the ‘fake memories’ that are plaguing the population, but the twists and thrills just keep coming. I haven’t been this satisfied with a book in a long time. Hitting and exceeding all of my expectations, this one will be hard to beat as my favorite book of the year.”

The Country Bookshop image Mary Salazar, The Country Bookshop
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Dark Matter

A Novel

By Blake Crouch
Narrated by: Jon Lindstrom
Length: 10 hours 7 minutes

Dark Matter

“Dark Matter is equal parts science fiction, thriller, and theoretical self-examination, complete with an overarching love story. Crouch does a fantastic job of keeping readers grounded while traveling through multiple dimensions, and he offers introspection on how each of the life choices a person makes recreates that person in a new and profound way. I tore through this, waiting for --and finding -- a spectacular conclusion. A must-read!”

Hudson Booksellers image Ed White, Hudson Booksellers
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