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Magical Living: Healing & Well-Being with a Witchy Bent

Magical Living: Healing & Well-Being with a Witchy Bent

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Woman Most Wild

Three Keys to Liberating the Witch Within

By Danielle Dulsky
Narrated by: Rebecca Mitchell
Length: 7 hours 42 minutes

What do you think of when you hear the word witch? Through centuries of persecution, our society has been indoctrinated into thinking that witches are evil villains. Author and proud witch Danielle Dulsky debunks this interpretation and reveals the true nature of Witchcraft: an ancient spiritual path that rejects religious dogma in favor of... Read more »

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Wicca: A Modern Practitioner's Guide

Your Guide to Mastering the Craft

By Arin Murphy-Hiscock
Narrated by: Gabra Zackman
Length: 7 hours 16 minutes

Go beyond the basics of witchcraft and take your study of wicca to the next level: everything you need to know to have a deeper understanding of wicca, its teachings, and the meaning behind its rituals and practices.

You’ve bought your crystals and cast your basic spells, planted your herb garden and smudged your home—now what?

Wicca: A Modern... Read more »

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The Green Witch

Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More

By Arin Murphy-Hiscock
Narrated by: Gabra Zackman
Length: 6 hours 26 minutes

“For covens who prefer meeting outdoors, perhaps in a garden or a deep forest clearing, The Green Witch is a delightful guide to nature magic. It’s filled with practical recipes for herbal blends and potions, the properties of essential oils, and lots of ideas for healing and relaxation.” —Bustle

Discover the power of natural magic and healing... Read more »

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The Green Witch's Grimoire

Your Complete Guide to Creating Your Own Book of Natural Magic

By Arin Murphy-Hiscock
Narrated by: Gabra Zackman
Length: 4 hours 18 minutes

The author of The Green Witch, Arin Murphy-Hiscock, shows you how you can create your own green witch grimoire to record your favorite spells, recipes, rituals, and more.

A grimoire is essential for any witch wanting to capture and record spells, rituals, and secret ingredients. And for a green witch, a perfect place to reflect upon the power of... Read more »

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A Modern-Day White Witch's Guide

By Leanna Greenaway & Shawn Robbins
Narrated by: Gabrielle Baker & Rebecca Mitchell
Length: 7 hours 34 minutes

Wiccapedia provides a fresh, innovative, and thoroughly up-to-date look at witchcraft—and gives listeners a prescription for happiness. "Spiritual life coaches" and celebrity witches Shawn Robbins and Leanna Greenaway unlock the secrets of the Wicca universe, explaining what it means to become a "simply fabulous" 21st–century Witch. Newfound... Read more »

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The Witch's Book of Self-Care

Magical Ways to Pamper, Soothe, and Care for Your Body and Spirit

By Arin Murphy-Hiscock
Narrated by: Gabra Zackman
Length: 5 hours 12 minutes

“From Wiccan author Arin Murphy-Hiscock comes this fantastic guide to spiritual self-care with a witchy bent. The Witch’s Guide to Self-Care contains recipes for products and spells for self-restoration.” —Bustle

Self-care and magic work together in this guide to help you become the best version of yourself. You’ll learn how to nourish your body... Read more »

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The Witch's Book of Love

Hundreds of Magical Ways to Attract and Strengthen Love

By Mary Shannon
Narrated by: Emily Ellet
Length: 6 hours 8 minutes

Master the magic of matchmaking in this fun and practical guide to using witchcraft to find your perfect partner.

Now you can find love faster than ever with this complete guide to magical matchmaking! The Witch’s Book of Love has all the spells and solutions to help you on your quest for love—and shows you how to make your relationship grow and... Read more »

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Magickal Astrology

Use the Power of the Planets to Create an Enchanted Life

By Skye Alexander
Narrated by: Rebecca Mitchell
Length: 5 hours 13 minutes

"Astrology and magick are links between universal forces and earthly experience." —Skye Alexander

Magickal Astrology shows you how to use cosmic forces to enhance your personal growth and magickal work. In addition to providing a historic overview of astrology's impact on architecture, the body, music, and language, the book includes a thorough... Read more »

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Wicca and Witchcraft

Learn to Walk the Magikal Path with the God and Goddess
The Awakened Life

By Denise Zimmerman
Narrated by: Rachel Atkins
Length: 9 hours 55 minutes

Awaken your life with the God and Goddess and discover the magic of the Wiccan way.

Get ready to take a journey to a mystical place where anything can happen--an adventure into the realm of witchcraft, magic, and empowerment. This is a place where the wonderment and purity of childhood meet with the spiritual growth and wisdom of the adult...

Read more »

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Inner Witch

A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft

By Gabriela Herstik
Narrated by: Leslie Howard & Gabriela Herstik
Length: 7 hours 42 minutes

The ultimate guide to witchcraft for every woman craving a connection to something bigger, using the tools of tarot, astrology, and crystals to discover her best self.

In these uncertain times, witchcraft, astrology, tarot, crystals, and similar practices are seeing a massive resurgence, especially among young women, as part of their self-care... Read more »

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Shop early and gift big! Every purchase supports local bookstores. Make a difference