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Our Most Anticipated Book in April: Fiction

Playlist Tags: Book Culture genre: Fiction & Literature april 2021

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A Novel

By Jhumpa Lahiri
Narrated by: Susan Vinciotti Bonito
Length: 3 hours 23 minutes


“The latest story from Jhumpa Lahiri is told gently, quietly. It’s about a woman, told in her own voice—filled with everyday commonalities that explain little and yet reveal much. The words are lovely, sad, sometimes hopeful, but often disappointed. The author has shared with us a vision of life lived by another and yet there’s something about her that is so familiar. 'Could she be me?' some will ask. 'Am I, too, that private—known only to myself?' Whether or not you follow the author’s work, you’ll treasure this small offering to life, to unknown love, to memory. It’s one to read over again many times. I know I will.”

Auntie's Bookstore image Linda, Auntie's Bookstore
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The Man Who Lived Underground

By Richard Wright
Narrated by: Ethan Herisse
Length: 6 hours 45 minutes

“The Man Who Lived Underground reminds us that any ‘greatest writers of the 20th century’ list that doesn’t start and end with Richard Wright is laughable. It might very well be Wright’s most brilliantly crafted, and ominously foretelling, book.” —Kiese Laymon

A major literary event: an explosive, previously unpublished novel about race and...

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By Cynthia Ozick
Narrated by: Edoardo Ballerini
Length: 3 hours 25 minutes

From one of our most preeminent writers, a tale that captures the shifting meanings of the past, and how our experience colors those meanings.

Lloyd Wilkinson Petrie, one of the seven elderly trustees of the now defunct (for thirty-four years) Temple Academy for Boys, is preparing a memoir of his days at the school, intertwined with the troubling... Read more »
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Caul Baby

A Novel

By Morgan Jerkins
Narrated by: Joniece Abbott-Pratt
Length: 10 hours 52 minutes

Caul Baby

“Mothers and daughters and their fraught relationships are the heart of this novel. Secrets, loss, tragedy, and tradition inextricably bind and trap seven women in ways completely unknown to some and only partially known by others. In modern-day Harlem, as gentrification threatens and changes the landscape, life inside one brownstone continues remarkably unchanged and mostly hidden. Using magical realism and fascinating characters, Jerkins creates an often shadowy world. She masterfully highlights the effects of gentrification, racism and inequality, and abuse, while weaving a mesmerizing story of these mothers and daughters.”

Raven Book Store image Nancy, Raven Book Store
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Gold Diggers

A Novel

By Sanjena Sathian
Narrated by: Rama Vallury
Length: 10 hours 20 minutes

Gold Diggers

“Gold as a drug. Gold as a metaphor for the glittering hopes and burdens new immigrants put on their children’s shoulders. Gold as the thread weaving history, memory, and imagination, a meditation on how the past blends into the present. Gold as the object of an improbable heist. There is so much in this book, but it is first and foremost an extraordinarily good yarn, the story of two generations of American-Indian immigrants trying to become Americanized while clinging to a fetishized, culturally commodified India. There is love, drugs, alchemy, and stories about the gold rush, both the forty-niners and the new gold diggers of the tech bubble. It’s fun and fast-paced, except when you stop short for a sentence so evocative you want to dwell on it. A seriously good book by a seriously talented writer.”

Shakespeare & Co image Françoise Brodsky, Shakespeare & Co
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A Novel

By Helen Oyeyemi
Narrated by: Ben Allen, Intae Kim, Jade Wheeler, Deana Taheri, Rosa Escoda & Deepti Gupta
Length: 7 hours 50 minutes

“Enchanting . . . the most surprising, confounding, and oddly insightful couple’s trip in recent literary history.” —Entertainment Weekly

The prize-winning, bestselling author of Gingerbread; Boy, Snow, Bird; and What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours returns with a vivid and inventive new novel about a couple forever changed by an unusual train voyage.

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First Person Singular


By Haruki Murakami
Narrated by: Kotaro Watanabe
Length: 5 hours 24 minutes

“Some novelists hold a mirror up to the world and some, like Haruki Murakami, use the mirror as a portal to a universe hidden beyond it.” —The Wall Street Journal
A mind-bending new collection of short stories from the internationally acclaimed Haruki Murakami.

The eight stories in this new book are all told in the first person by a classic... Read more »
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