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Maria's Bookshop Southwest Favorites

Check out some of our all-time favorites, both fiction and non-fiction, based in the west and southwest.

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The Emerald Mile

The Epic Story of the Fastest Ride in History through the Heart of the Grand Canyon

By Kevin Fedarko
Narrated by: Richard Powers
Length: 17 hours 23 minutes

From one of Outside magazine's "Literary All-Stars" comes the thrilling true tale of the fastest boat ride ever, down the entire length of the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon, during the legendary flood of 1983.

In the spring of 1983, massive flooding along the length of the Colorado River confronted a team of engineers at the Glen...

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Sabrina & Corina


By Kali Fajardo-Anstine
Narrated by: Various
Length: 7 hours 19 minutes

Latinas of Indigenous descent living in the American West take center stage in this haunting debut story collection—a powerful meditation on friendship, mothers and daughters, and the deep-rooted truths of our homelands. 

Kali Fajardo-Anstine’s magnetic story collection breathes life into her Indigenous Latina characters and the land they... Read more »

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Bless Me, Ultima

By Rudolfo Anaya
Narrated by: Robert Ramirez
Length: 11 hours 12 minutes

Exquisite prose and wondrous storytelling have helped make Rudolfo Anaya the father of Chicano literature in English. Indeed, Anaya's tales fairly shimmer with the haunting beauty and richness of his culture. The winner of the Pen Center West Award for Fiction for his unforgettable novel Alburquerque, Anaya is perhaps best loved for his classic... Read more »

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House of Rain

Tracking a Vanished Civilization Across the American Southwest

By Craig Childs
Narrated by: Craig Childs
Length: 15 hours 21 minutes

A "beautifully written travelogue" that draws on the latest scholarly research as well as a lifetime of exploration to light on the extraordinary Anasazi culture of the American Southwest (Entertainment Weekly). 

The greatest "unsolved mystery" of the American Southwest is the fate of the Anasazi, the native peoples who in the eleventh century... Read more »

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News of the World

A Novel

By Paulette Jiles
Narrated by: Grover Gardner
Length: 5 hours 58 minutes

News of the World

“News of the World may be slight in size but it is expansive in story, scenery and characters. I found myself cheering out loud for Captain Kidd and Johanna at times and crying at others. The narrator of this audiobook was able to capture the accents of the characters so well and I felt listening to the audiobook greatly added to my appreciation of the story. This is a book where I found excuses to keep driving my car so I could keep listening!”

Content image Mryna, Content
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Dead Run

The Murder of a Lawman and the Greatest Manhunt of the Modern American West

By Dan Schultz
Narrated by: Arthur Morey
Length: 10 hours 34 minutes

On a sunny May morning in 1998 in Cortez, Colorado, three desperados in a stolen truck opened fire on the town cop, shooting him twenty times; then they blasted their way past dozens of police cars and disappeared into 10,000 square miles of the harshest wilderness terrain on the North American continent. Self-trained survivalists, the outlaws... Read more »

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Spider Woman's Daughter

A Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito Novel
A Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito Novel: Book #1

By Anne Hillerman
Narrated by: Christina Delaine
Length: 9 hours 53 minutes

Legendary tribal sleuths Leaphorn and Chee are back!

The supremely talented daughter of New York Times bestselling author Tony Hillerman continues his popular series with this fresh, new mystery—her debut novel—filled with captivating lore, startling suspense, bold new characters, vivid color, and rich atmosphere.

It happened in an instant: After...

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Desert Solitaire

A Season in the Wilderness

By Edward Abbey
Narrated by: Michael Kramer
Length: 11 hours 31 minutes

When Desert Solitaire was first published in 1968, it became the focus of a nationwide cult. Rude and sensitive. Thought-provoking and mystical. Angry and loving. Both Abbey and this book are all of these and more. Here, the legendary author of The Monkey Wrench Gang, Abbey's Road, and many other critically acclaimed books vividly captures the... Read more »

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All the Pretty Horses

Border (McCarthy): Book #1

By Cormac McCarthy
Narrated by: Frank Muller
Length: 10 hours 3 minutes

Cormac McCarthy is a quiet, unassuming presence in American fiction today, but like the slow, measured voices of many of his characters, he speaks with an authority and conviction that demands an audience. All the Pretty Horses, McCarthy's sixth novel, is a cowboy odyssey for modern times. Set in the late 1940s, it features the travels and toils... Read more »

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Angle of Repose

Modern Classic

By Wallace Stegner
Narrated by: Mark Bramhall
Length: 22 hours 10 minutes

Wallace Stegner’s uniquely American classic centers on Lyman Ward, a noted historian, who relates a fictionalized biography of his pioneer grandparents at a time when he has become estranged from his own family. Through a combination of research, memory, and exaggeration, Ward voices ideas concerning the relationship between history and the...

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One Thousand White Women

The Journals of May Dodd
The One Thousand White Women Series: Book #1

By Jim Fergus
Narrated by: Laura Hicks
Length: 14 hours 54 minutes

One Thousand White Women

“Have you ever wonder what if this happened another way than it actually did? Well that’s exactly what this author wrote. He took a fact from history and wrote what it could have been like had the government said yes to the deal the chief of this tribe requested by exchanging 1,000 white women to marry and birth a child with the natives in return for horses. Yes it sounds insane but it’s intriguing to read an alternate version of reality with so many true facts mixed into this story. These women were anxious and scared yet ready to serve their country anyway they could. They immersed themselves into a whole new way of life from what they’ve always known. This is a favorite of our local book stores book club.”

The Book Center image Danielle, The Book Center
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