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By Kaitlyn Greenidge
Narrated by: Channie Waites
Length: 12 hours 12 minutes


Libertie is a beautifully written, immersive historical novel inspired by the story of a Black doctor and her daughter who lived in a free Black community in Brooklyn during the Reconstruction era. It is also a profound meditation on what it means to be truly free — whether born free or formerly enslaved, whether in America, Haiti, or Liberia — while struggling against grief, sexism, racism, colorism, or classism. Libertie’s quest to forge her own path is a much-needed inspiration!”

Copper Dog Books image Alyssa Raymond, Copper Dog Books
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The Sea Queen

A Novel
The Golden Wolf Saga: Book #2

By Linnea Hartsuyker
Narrated by: Matthew Lloyd Davies
Length: 17 hours 39 minutes

The Sea Queen

“The Half-Drowned King was one of my favorite debuts, and this is a worthy follow up! Six years have passed and Ragnvald has been fighting for his King. The refreshing thing about this book is Svanhild, a great and strong female character. With a mix of Song of Ice and Fire with the history and mythology of the Norse people, I am excited for what Hartsuyker has in store for us!”

BookPeople image Will Bason, BookPeople
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That Way Madness Lies

15 of Shakespeare's Most Notable Works Reimagined

By Dahlia Adler
Narrated by: Almarie Guerra, Ariel Blake, Avi Roque, Barrie Kreinik, Caitlin Davies, Cary Hite, Joy McCullough, Julia Whelan, Landon Woodson, Lily Anderson, Mark Oshiro, Nikki Massoud, North Homewood, Patrice Caldwell & Ramon de Ocampo
Length: 9 hours 21 minutes

"Each story is voiced by one or several narrators who match the gender expression of the main protagonist, giving the audiobook a robust collection of distinct performances. Every tragedy, romance, and comedy is narrated with the ideal amount of enthusiasm, high energy, or relaxed pacing and allows listeners to savor each shortened...

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The Windsor Knot

A Novel
Her Majesty the Queen Investigates: Book #1

By SJ Bennett
Narrated by: Jane Copland
Length: 8 hours 4 minutes

If you enjoyed Magpie Murders, then you’ll love The Windsor Knot.

“SJ Bennett is a marvel with accents, especially endearing when it comes to Rosie, the Undersecretary drafted as the new sidekick sleuth. A wonderfully fun and modern cozy mystery with a no nonsense Monarch you begin to feel you know a little better. Listening is like being part of the entourage of the behind-the-scenes crack team assembled to rundown hunches, call in tips, and generally get the job done. All in secret, and all known only to one person. One does love a good mystery.”

Schuler Books image Charity, Schuler Books
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A Novel

By Carol Edgarian
Narrated by: Kathe Mazur
Length: 10 hours 12 minutes


“Experience the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 like never before — from inside the family of one of the most famous brothel madams. In this story, Edgarian combines lyrical writing and a cast of unforgettable characters, both real and imagined, with themes of love, rejection, graft, and economic disparity, all sprinkled with racism and misogyny. You won’t be able to visit the City by the Bay ever again without looking for Rose and her descendants. I couldn’t put this down.”

Changing Hands image Gayle Shanks, Changing Hands
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