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Montana Classics

A selection of some of our favorite books by Montana writers.

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A River Runs Through It

By Norman Maclean
Narrated by: Ivan Doig
Length: 3 hours 56 minutes

In Maclean’s autobiographical novella, it is the river that makes them realize that life continues and all things are related. Read more »

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The Big Sky

The Big Sky series

By A.B. Guthrie & Jr.
Narrated by: Kevin Foley
Length: 14 hours 21 minutes

Originally published more than fifty years ago, The Big Sky is the first of A.B. Guthrie's epic adventure novels of America's vast frontier. The Big Sky introduces Boone Caudill, Jim Deakins, and Dick Summers, three of the most memorable characters in western American literature. Traveling the Missouri River from St. Louis to the Rockies, these... Read more »

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For a Little While

By Rick Bass
Narrated by: Rick Bass
Length: 17 hours 39 minutes

Long considered one of the most gifted practitioners of the short story, Rick Bass is unsurpassed in his ability to perceive and portray the enduring truths of the human heart. Now, at last, we have the definitive collection of stories, new and old, from the writer Newsweek has called "an American classic." To read his fiction is to feel more... Read more »

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Brown Dog


By Jim Harrison
Narrated by: Bronson Pinchot, Ray Porter & Lloyd James
Length: 18 hours 10 minutes

New York Times bestselling author Jim Harrison is oneof America’s most beloved writers, and of all his creations, Brown Dog—a bawdy,reckless, down-on-his-luck Michigan Indian—has earned cult status with readersin the more than two decades since his first appearance. For the first time, BrownDog gathers all the Brown Dog novellas, including one... Read more »

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Lost in My Own Backyard

A Walk in Yellowstone National Park

By Tim Cahill
Narrated by: Michael Prichard
Length: 2 hours 53 minutes

“Let’s get lost together . . . ”

Lost in My Own Backyard brings acclaimed author Tim Cahill together with one of his—and America’s—favorite destinations: Yellowstone, the world’s first national park. Cahill has been “puttering around in the park” for a quarter of a century, slowly covering its vast scope and exploring its remote backwoods. So... Read more »

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Crow Fair


By Thomas McGuane
Narrated by: Roger Wayne
Length: 7 hours 41 minutes

Set in Thomas McGuane's accustomed Big Sky country, with its mesmeric powers, these stories attest to the generous compass of his fellow feeling, as well as to his unique way with words and the comic genius that has inspired comparison with Twain and Gogol. The ties of family make for uncomfortable binds: A devoted son is horrified to discover... Read more »

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The Widow Nash

A Novel

By Jamie Harrison
Narrated by: Elisabeth Rodgers
Length: 13 hours 41 minutes

It is New York, 1904, and Dulcy Remfrey, despite an idiosyncratic, traveling childhood, faces the predictable life of a woman of the time. But all that changes when her eccentric father returns from his expedition to Africa without any of the proceeds from the sale of a gold mine. It seems he's lost his mind along with the money, and Dulcy's... Read more »

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Coyote Wind

A Gabriel Du Pré Mystery
The Gabriel Du Pré Mysteries: Book #1

By Peter Bowen
Narrated by: Christopher Lane
Length: 4 hours 47 minutes

A Montana Mystery Featuring Gabriel Du Pré

Montana, “the last best place” of the disappearing American West, is the setting of Peter Bowen’s splendid first mystery novel in a series featuring Gabriel Du Pré. A cattle-brand inspector and occasional sheriff’s deputy, Du Pré moves easily among the ranchers, cowboys, Native Americans, barflies,... Read more »

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Social Purpose Annual Report

Social Purpose Annual Report

As we look to the future as a Social Purpose Corporation, we’re committed to serving readers and independent bookstores. Read our 2020 Annual Report to see an overview of the year.

Read the Report

American Copper

By Shann Ray
Narrated by: Richard Poe
Length: 7 hours 18 minutes

As Evelynne Lowry, the daughter of a copper baron, comes of age in early 20th century Montana, the lives of horses dovetail with the lives of people and her own quest for womanhood becomes inextricably intertwined with the future of two men who face nearly insurmountable losses-a lonely bull rider named Zion from the Montana highline, and a... Read more »

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America's Environmental Pioneer and His Restless Drive to Save the West

By John Taliaferro
Narrated by: Joe Barrett
Length: 18 hours 35 minutes

Before Rachel Carson, there was George Bird Grinnell—the man whose prophetic vision did nothing less than launch American conservation. George Bird Grinnell, the son of a New York merchant, saw a different future for a nation in the thrall of the Industrial Age. With railroads scarring virgin lands and the formerly vast buffalo herds decimated,... Read more »

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What Salmon Know

By Elwood Reid
Narrated by: Andre Sogliuzzo
Length: 30 minutes

Compared by critics to such masterful storytellers as Raymond Carver, Rick Bass, and Thom Jones, Elwood Reid, author of the acclaimed novel If I Don't Six, signals a powerful presence on the American literary landscape with his knockout story collection, What Salmon Know.

Reid's characters are tough men living in a world tougher than they are.... Read more »

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Trout Fishing in America

A Novel

By Richard Brautigan & Billy Collins
Narrated by: Chris Andrew Ciulla
Length: 3 hours 28 minutes

In its first time in audio and with an introduction written and read by poet Billy Collins, Trout Fishing in America is an indescribable romp, by turns a hilarious, playful, and melancholy novel that wanders from San Francisco through America’s culture.Richard Brautigan’s world is one of gentle magic and marvelous laughter, of the incredibly... Read more »

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The Lola Wicks Series: Book #1

By Gwen Florio
Narrated by: Caroline Shaffer
Length: 8 hours 46 minutes

Foreigncorrespondent Lola Wicks is pissed off. Her editor, downsizing her from her Kabulposting, reassigns her to a stateside suburban beat formerly the province ofinterns. Meanwhile, arriving in Montana for some R&R at a friend’s cabin, she issurprised to find her friend nowhere in sight.

Angerturns to terror when Lola discovers her friend... Read more »

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Up in the Air

By Walter Kirn
Narrated by: Sean Runnette
Length: 8 hours 59 minutes

Ryan Bingham’s job as a Career Transition Counselor–he fires people–has kept him airborne for years. Although he has come to despise his line of work, he has come to love the culture of what he calls “Airworld,” finding contentment within pressurized cabins, anonymous hotel rooms, and a wardrobe of wrinkle-free slacks. With a letter of... Read more »

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