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Royal BC Museum Audiobooks

Hear history with audiobooks from the Royal British Columbia Museum.

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By Snowshoe, Buckboard and Steamer

Women of the British Columbia Frontier

By Kathryn Bridge
Narrated by: Angela Galanopoulos, Jill Kenton, Yvette Dudley-Neuman, Meaghan Hommy & Liana Bakker
Length: 6 hours 9 minutes

The vivid, personal accounts of four women who lived and travelled as settlers in early British Columbia

“…a cloud passing away from the face of the moon revealed a band of wild horses bearing down upon us at a full gallop. As they came near and saw us they divided into two groups, passing by on either side. Had the moon not come out they would...

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Coal Dust in My Blood

Autobiography of a Coal Miner

By Bill Johnstone
Narrated by: Joe Fulgham
Length: 6 hours 39 minutes

The men who worked British Columbia's mines have passed into history. Coal Dust In My Blood is a moving account of one coal miner's life, in plain, evocative language. But this book is much more than a personal memoir. Bill Johnstone's mining career spanned several decades and he worked in a wide variety of positions. His broad insights reveal...

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Great Expectations

Reflections on Museums and Canada

By Jack Lohman
Narrated by: Jack Lohman
Length: 4 hours 17 minutes

A provocative, progressive rejoinder to the status quo, from the perspective of a disrupter and global leader in the museum world.

The challenge to transform museums is unapologetically real and complicated. But everything we learn about reconciliation, science and biodiversity, climate change, and sustainability gives us the confidence and...

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