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How It Works

3 Easy Steps to Start Listening

Learn the basics of using Libro.fm and listen to your audiobooks anytime, anywhere. Need help? Contact us at support@libro.fm.


Step 1

Buy your first audiobook à la carte or sign-up for a monthly membership.


Step 2

Download the Libro.fm listening app for iOS, Android or Kindle and enter your email and password to access your audiobook.


Step 3

Start listening and return to the Libro.fm website when you are ready for your next audiobook.

Purchase audiobooks through our website and they’ll automatically appear in your app. The app currently does not support in-app purchases.

Need More Info?

We’ve captured more details below about getting started with Libro.fm.

Create Your Libro.fm Account

While you might be eager to start listening, don't open the Libro.fm app yet. First, open the Libro.fm website on your phone or computer and create an account. Enter your email, and you will immediately receive an email to confirm your account. Once confirmed, complete the rest of the sign-up process. Remember your username and password as you’ll need it to access the Libro.fm app! If you forget your password, reset it here.

Choose Your Bookstore

Visit the Partner Stores page and choose your independent bookstore. Whenever you purchase an audiobook through Libro.fm, you’ll support this bookstore!

Buy Your First Audiobook

You’ll need to decide if you want to buy one audiobook at a time (à la carte) or become a member and pay $14.99/month for one audiobook per month. À la carte is great for the occasional listener, while the monthly membership is best for frequent listeners.

Monthly Membership

Get your first month of membership for free, and then your credit card will be automatically charged $14.99 every month after that. As a member, you get one credit per month to purchase any audiobook and credits never expire. You can also choose to save your credits and buy the audiobook à la carte at a 30% member discount. You can choose what works best for you in the shopping cart.

Audiobook Gifts

You can gift 1,3 6 and 12 month audiobook memberships to friends and family in our gift center. You can also gift individual audiobooks by adding the audiobook to your cart, selecting the gift option, and entering the recipients email address. When you gift an audiobook to someone, they will be prompted to create a free Libro.fm account and then guided through the process of accessing their audiobook gift.


The Libro.fm App

Listen to your Libro.fm audiobooks anytime, anywhere.

Download the App

Listening on our app is the best way to enjoy your audiobooks, as we have features that make listening easier and more enjoyable for you! Features include sleep timer, bookmarking, listening at higher speeds, organizing your library (archiving and deleting audiobooks), and more! With our free app, enjoy great audiobooks during your commute, workout, chores, and more! Our app is compatible with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and most iPods), Android, and the Kindle Fire.

You can also open the app store and search for "Libro.fm Audiobooks."

No Smartphone?

If you don’t have a smartphone or device compatible with the app, you can download our DRM free (we call it cage-free) MP3 files and listen on your computer or another device. Check out our download guide for more details.

Listen to Your Audiobooks

Listening on our app is the best way to enjoy your audiobooks. We have created videos and other tips to help you get the most out of the app.

A Couple of Tips:
  1. Make sure you have the latest iOS and Android app on your device as we are always adding new features.
  2. Connect to WiFi. If you have trouble downloading your audiobook, the best approach is to give your device a hard reset by powering down and trying again. Our sound quality is 2x the industry standard, which also means our files are larger and require more space and download time.
  3. Watch the videos to learn about the sleep timer, bookmarking, listening at higher speeds, organizing your library (archiving and deleting audiobooks), and more.
  4. It’s not possible to purchase audiobooks through the app. Please visit the Libro.fm website to buy your audiobooks. We recommend adding a website bookmark link to Libro.fm on the homescreen of your phone to easily access the website (how to set up a bookmark on iOS).


We're Here to Help

If you want a real live person to help, simply email us at support@libro.fm.

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