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Four Dead Queens

“What a ride this was! From the first moment to the last, I was hooked. Astrid Scholte created a world full of unique characters. Four Dead Queens takes place in Quadara, a nation divided into fourths; Toria, Archia, Ludia, and Eonia, with a queen ruling each area -- until one by one they're murdered. Keralie Corrington lives in Toria, running the streets as a dipper. She runs into Varin Bollt, a messenger from Eonia. They both see life so differently, and can’t seem to grasp how the other lives. But as the story progresses, they grow closer as they try to solve the murders of all four Queens. The chapters alternate between Keralie’s point of view and one of the queens, who we learn are each hiding secrets that they would do almost anything to keep in the dark. I couldn’t stop listening to this story. Every chapter left me wanting more. Scholte created a story full of intrigue, twists, turns, romance, and more. This is going to be a tough book to beat for my best read of 2019.”

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