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Grave Importance

“In the latest Dr. Greta Helsing novel, Greta is eager to take a break from the gloom of London. When a fellow doctor for the undead offers her a chance to cover for him at his top-of-the-line mummy clinic in Marseille for a few months, she jumps at the chance. She quickly finds, however, that the patients require care that is anything but routine. Inexplicable weakness and fainting spells afflict them — and not just the mummies at the clinic, but around the world. It takes nothing short of a museum heist, lost angels, an ancient god, and a trip to Hell itself to get answers. Shaw does an excellent job of building on threads in the previous books, and it culminates in a truly visceral and heart-wrenching climax that allows for Greta’s skill, compassion, and heart to shine. Though Grave Importance seems to be wrapping up the series (pun intended), I sincerely hope that Shaw will eventually return to this lovely and unique world that she’s created and give us more of Dr. Helsing and her supernatural found-family.”

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These Audiobooks Give 100% of Proceeds to Pilsen Community Books Browse Now
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