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Drawing Home

“Jamie Brenner's new book, Drawing Home is the perfect beach read. It takes place in picturesque Sag Harbor. Emma loves her job. She is the front desk clerk at a very small, charming inn. She is a single mother with a precocious preteen daughter, Penny. A famous artist, Henry Wyatt lives in town frequents the small bar in the inn on a daily basis. Henry sits on the same bar stool and sketches on cocktail napkins as he enjoys his drink. He and Penny develop a sweet friendship and encourages her artistic talents. One day Henry drops dead while sketching. Days later Penny's Mom, Emma is contacted by Henry's lawyer. In his will, he leaves his gorgeous waterfront mansion to Penny. Henry's partner, Bea shows up and makes the claim that Henry told her that he was leaving it to her. Next thing we know, Penny's biological father shows up wanting custody of his daughter because he is eager to get his hands on the house. Let the games begin... The story moves quickly and the characters are well-developed. Five stars for the narration.”

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These Audiobooks Give 100% of Proceeds to Owl Books Browse Now
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