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The Spellbook of Katrina Van Tassel

“I grew up listening to the "book on vinyl" of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (the Disney version) and I fell in love with the story at a young age. When I saw this book was coming out it immediately took me back to that book (record?). I've always been curious about the legend and wanted to see the story expanded so this was perfect and I was especially pleased to find it available in audio. The book did not disappoint and made Katrina very real to me - and Ichabod for that matter. I found myself drawn in to the story and the relationships that the characters formed - barely able to let it go until the book was done - I think that I listened for 10 hours straight one day. When the book was over I still wanted to know more - even though the plot had been brought to resolution - and that's the number one way I know that a book is 5 stars. It definitely left me wanting more! This is a perfect book for October when there are shadows around every corner - or are they spirits?”

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#ShopBookstoresNow: See the impact of what you’ve accomplished so far. Live Updates
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