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“Hannah Hart rose to (internet) fame with her Youtube series, "My Drunk Kitchen". In "Drunk Kitchen" Hannah attempts, often haplessly, to cook dishes of varying difficulty at various levels of intoxication. She pairs witty puns with a fun-loving attitude. Buffering, her memoir, offers a look into an upbringing and life that starkly contrast her sunny exterior. Raised by a conservative Mormon father and a mother whose schizophrenia worsens as she grows up, Hannah struggles to raise herself and her younger sister while attempting to come to terms with her sexuality and mental health. It's an often devastating look at a young life, but is tempered by Hart's calm, thoughtful narration. It becomes obvious that although Hannah (accidentally) became an entertainer, her main ambition and strength is writing. The rougher chapters are usually split up by lighter fair, i.e. trading poems for water at Burning Man. The main subject of the later chapters becomes Hannah's quest to gain conservatorship over her mother, a nearly impossible task in her home state of California. Readers gain a look into our mental healthcare systems and their often inadequate interactions with the justice system. I came away inspired by Hannah's ability to face and overcome challenges, even while admitting that some will be lifelong struggles. I'd recommend this memoir to anyone interested in mental health, humor, pathos, and drunk lesbians!”

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These Audiobooks Give 100% of Proceeds to Fenton's Open Book Browse Now
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