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The Unbreakables

“Sophie Bloom is one tough cookie. On her 42nd birthday, she finds out in a newspaper article that her handsome, successful hubby has frequented an escort service over 40 times. As if she thinks that things couldn't get worse, she discovers that her best "friend" had a fling with her Husband of the Year. Hours later, Sophie receives a call from her 19-year-old entitled daughter who is on exchange in France. Ava is in tears because she broke up with her boyfriend. She neglects to tell Sophie that she is having an affair with her married professor who is twice her age. Ava begs her mother to come to France and Sophie finds herself on the next plane headed for Paris. Sophie's life begins to come together through her experiences as well as the friends that she makes during her travels. Spoiler alert: there are a few very steamy scenes. The Unbreakables has it all - fabulous destinations as well as well-rounded characters and just the right touch of humor. The narration is top-notch. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a fast, steamy beach listen. ”

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