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A Wonderful Stroke of Luck

“When Ann Beattie channeled the neuroses and behaviors of her generation in her early work, it signaled hers as a singular voice for the ages. How lucky for us that she's still an uncannily sharp noticer of every odd angle of contemporary life ! Her newest novel follows one of her most unforgettable creations, Ben, as he moves from his tony New England boarding school into tumultuous adulthood. In one scene, Beattie writes that what JFK's assassination meant for one generation (Beattie's own), 9/11 meant for another. Ben's still a student at Bailey Academy when the towers come down, but Beattie seems to know, deep down, the lives and minds of him and his peers. Wry and wise and laugh-out-loud funny, A Wonderful Stroke of Luck is a gift for new and old Beattie fans alike. ”

Bank Square Books image John Francisconi, Bank Square Books


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