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“Foundryside is the first book in Robert Jackson Bennett’s The Foundry trilogy. Not only did this book get me out of my reading slump, it was a book that I just couldn’t stop listening to. The cover grabbed my attention and the story surpassed every expectation that I had. Foundryside is about a well-trained thief, Sancia. She’s good at what she does, and her latest job has landed her in a whole world of trouble. She’s gone from off the radar, to Tevanne’s most wanted. Sancia has to band together with some unlikely allies to make it out alive. We learn about the world Bennett created through Clef, a character who is unique and loveable from the start, who in turn learns from Sancia. Bennett created complex characters, a world that is half tech, half magic, and a story full of heart. It was a story that I couldn’t get enough of and was sad to see end. I can’t wait for the next part!”

Mysterious Galaxy Books image Victoria, Mysterious Galaxy Books


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