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Golden State

“I was sold from the moment the narration started. Kiff VandenHeuvel brought Lazlo to life for me and I was sucked into The Golden State, where truth is expected, lies are not tolerated, where only Speculators like Lazlo Ratesic and his new partner Asa Paige are allowed to contemplate the "what ifs", where fiction has been redefined, and forgery is primarily what is done to commit truth to the permanent record, its other definition mostly a relic of an era of lies. This novel is part dystopian fiction, part thriller, part detective story all blended with writing that was profound, subtle, and moving. I was so transported into this world, I found myself looking for "captures"—cameras that capture all moments for review of the truth—and wishing I could view a "stretch"—a section of capture that would prove something that happened. Winters' description of the moment of speculation was mesmerizing; I can only imagine this was the author's feeling of being drawn into a story that must be written. Highly recommend this audiobook and suspect this will be on the short list for an Audie.”

Belmont Books image Susan, Belmont Books


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These Audiobooks Give 100% of Proceeds to Bards Alley Browse Now
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