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Customer stories

Hear from real listeners about why they choose to support their local, independent bookstore through audiobooks.

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The Book Rack

“I'm a new subscriber and so far I love! I'm glad to own my audiobooks and support a local bookstore at the same time. Keep up the great work!”

Jeff / The Book Rack
Brick & Mortar Books

“Thanks again for the great customer service. Libro's is one of the best I've encountered, in any type of company.”

Melanie / Brick & Mortar Books
Bookworm of Edwards

“A way to support my local bookstore and have great audiobooks is heaven to me.”

Jessica / Bookworm of Edwards
Duck's Cottage

“I downloaded the app and a few books- what an EASY program! I am LOVING it!!”

Jamie / Duck's Cottage
Changing Hands

“Your community support, your customer service, your dedication to indie bookstores is how we will get through this. For me, the audiobooks are a lifesaver for personal (health) reasons. To buy and use them is so easy! ”

Nancy / Changing Hands
The Ivy Bookshop

“Thank you for all Libro is doing to support independent bookstores right now (and always). So glad we are a part of a community that includes you.”

Hannah / The Ivy Bookshop
Ink Fish Books

“You are amazing! Your customer service alone proves that is the way to go and I hope to continue to sell my customers into the program!”

Lisa / Ink Fish Books

“I’m really enjoying using, the app is so nice to use, the range of books is excellent & you are always so quick at answering questions. Thank you for providing some genuine competition in the audiobook market. It can only be a good thing for authors, publishers & readers.”

Rochelle / SOPHOS
Tattered Cover

“This email is like Christmas morning. And it comes not once a year, but once a month.”

Kristen / Tattered Cover
Porter Square Books

“If I wasn't already super pleased with this company, the customer service would have sealed the deal!”

Lauren / Porter Square Books
Get a free audiobook on Independent Bookstore Day! Learn more