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Customer stories

Hear from real listeners about why they choose to support their local, independent bookstore through Libro.fm audiobooks.

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Brookline Booksmith

“I just wanted to let you know that the update for the Android app is amazing. I've been happily recommending customers to Libro.fm throughout my time as a bookseller, but now I can add the fact that the app itself is easy to navigate and generally delightful to look at to my list of reasons why they should go to you. So thank you. Hope you're staying well!”

Abby / Brookline Booksmith
Northshire Bookstore

“Libro.fm has been incredibly responsive and easy to work with. They understand the indie bookseller and how we operate. It is so nice to have an audio partner that makes it easy. ”

Chris / Northshire Bookstore
Space Cowboy Books

“I really appreciate how helpful all your staff is, thanks for being here for us indie bookshops!”

Jean-Paul / Space Cowboy Books
Bookshop Santa Cruz

“I recently had a baby and Libro.fm has been a perfect thing to try since it's somewhat easier to listen than it is to hold a book right now.”

Melinda / Bookshop Santa Cruz
R.J. Julia Booksellers

“As my friends will tell you, I am a techno-phobe...I don't have a smart phone and have a hard time even navigating all the remote controls in my home to get Nexflix on my tv! Given all that, I was thrilled to find using Libro.fm so easy! I do have a tablet and downloaded the app and books. I have been very successful in explaining Libro.fm to RJ's customers and I am very excited to be able to offer this service. Thank you! ”

Jill / R.J. Julia Booksellers

“You guys ROCK! I’m a longtime BINC volunteer (and a brand-new-temporary-marketing-helper person!) and it’s been so wonderful seeing so much generosity and kindness spilling out all over. It’s what’s keeping me tethered to my sanity right now.”

Rachel / BINC
Books Are Magic

“I just want to say how pleased I am to have found Libro.fm. Usually I'm a voracious reader, but having a newborn hasn't left much time for sitting down with a book, so audiobooks are my savior. I joined Audible, but I've always made a point to shop at our local bookstores so it never sat right with me. So happy that I don't have to choose now. ”

Bailey / Books Are Magic

“Just a quick note to let you know what a lifesaver Libro was this weekend. Lately we've noticed our girls getting carsick (they LOVE to read in the car)... so we decided to give some audiobooks a try and they were hooked! ”

Mysterious Galaxy Books

“Really can't say enough great things about you all--we're really happy to be a part of the libro family :) ”

Kelly / Mysterious Galaxy Books
Trident Booksellers and Cafe

“I have been DEVOURING the free audiobooks—thank you for this program! It's excellent! It's got me to read some books I wouldn't normally have picked up and I LOVED them (and have subsequently handsold). I have been meaning to try audiobooks for a while to accompany me on my commute and these have been a godsend. ”

Mackenzie / Trident Booksellers and Cafe