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Portrait of Eve Bookstore Champion

Eve L. Ewing

We’re excited to feature Eve L. Ewing as a Bookstore Champion! A writer, scholar, and cultural organizer, Eve uses her platform to advocate for local businesses and independent bookstores. She’s curated bookstore windows, considered collaborating with a bookstore on a book-mobile, and urged followers to support their bookstores throughout the pandemic. Bookstore Champions receive a year’s supply of audiobooks, gear, and are celebrated for their advocacy across channels.

Eve’s featured audiobooks

“Independent bookstores are the heart and soul of many communities across the country.”

Eve L. Ewing

Portrait of Eve Ewing

Taking a tour of Chicago with Eve Ewing

Chicago Tribune

There are New Yorkers and there are Californians, both of whom will claim coastal supremacy over our city. But many Chicago people, untempted by either pole, often share a grittier devotion to their city, determined to make it better. Eve Ewing is a Chicago person. Born and raised in Logan Square, the 31-year-old Dr. Ewing has lived virtually her entire life in this city. She knows Chicago, from its heart to its bones. She knows the north, south and west, the gentrified neighborhoods and those who have been displaced.

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Window Display

Bookshop Window Display of the Day: 57th Street Books

Shelf Awareness

Posted Wednesday on Facebook by 57th Street Books, Chicago, Ill.: “We are very excited to unveil our very first author-curated window display! We‘ll let our first curator, the inimitable @eve.ewing, tell the story of how this project came to be.”

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Cover of Ironheart

Support Your Local Independent Bookstores


What would Reed Richards be without his journals, weeklies, and textbooks to study? What would Peter Parker be without his school library? Bruce Banner? Tony Stark? Riri Williams, Amadeus Cho, Hank Pym, Lunella Lafayette, Beast? Each of these characters, and countless more across the mighty Marvel Multiverse, became who they are by reading, studying, learning and evolving thanks to the creativity and knowledge they found in books. Just like the real-world writers and artists who tell their stories, including Champions and Outlawed writer Eve L. Ewing.

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The Bookstore Champions award recognizes individuals who actively advocate for local bookstores through their platforms, influence, and contributions.

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Get a free audiobook on Independent Bookstore Day! Learn more