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Emma Straub

We’re excited to feature Emma Straub as a Bookstore Champion! As both a New York Times bestselling author and the owner of Books Are Magic in Brooklyn, she is a voice for the independent bookstore community. Emma Straub uses her influence to highlight the important role bookstores play in their communities, and we’re proud to call her a Bookstore Champion!

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“What makes indie bookstores so special is that each one is totally unique...They are each a total kingdom. That’s why they’re thriving—they’re living, breathing creatures.”

Emma Straub, Author

Emma Straub’s Audiobook Recommendations Blog

Emma Straub, New York Times bestselling author of Modern Lovers, also owns one of our bookstore partners, Books are Magic in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband. Check out Emma’s latest audiobook recommendations!

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Emma Straub on the Power of the Indie Bookstore

Literary Hub

Book browsers and community-seekers rejoice: this Saturday, April 29, is Independent Bookstore Day. 470 indie bookstores across the country will be participating (find your local party here), and the day will be filled with fun gatherings, great books, exclusive merch (including literary condoms!), and from what I’m hearing, lots of cupcakes.

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The Bookstore Champions award recognizes individuals who actively advocate for local bookstores through their platforms, influence, and contributions.

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