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Cozy Mysteries bestsellers

The top 50 Cozy Mysteries audiobooks on based on sales from our 1,300+ partner bookstore locations.

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Bestseller #1

The Thursday Murder Club

A Novel
A Thursday Murder Club Mystery: Book #1

By Richard Osman
Narrated by: Lesley Manville
Length: 12 hours 25 minutes

The Thursday Murder Club

“Witty and sharp and twisty, this mystery will be just your cup of tea! At a posh retirement community, an elderly group of crime enthusiasts meet on Thursdays to go over old cold cases. When several current murders happen practically on their front stoop, these silver haired sleuths start digging for clues. There are a lot of secrets and hidden motives to unearth, which will keep the reader guessing until the last page. The narration by Lesley Manville is superb!”

Fountain Bookstore image Kate, Fountain Bookstore
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Bestseller #2

A Quiet Life In The Country

A Lady Hardcastle Mystery
A Lady Hardcastle Mystery: Book #1

By T E Kinsey
Narrated by: Elizabeth Knowelden
Length: 7 hours 43 minutes

Lady Emily Hardcastle is an eccentric widow with a secret past. Florence Armstrong, her maid and confidante, is an expert in martial arts. The year is 1908 and they’ve just moved from London to the country, hoping for a quiet life.

But it is not long before Lady Hardcastle is forced out of her self-imposed retirement. There’s a dead body in the... Read more »

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Bestseller #3

The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra

A Baby Ganesh Agency Investigation: Book #1

By Vaseem Khan
Narrated by: Sartaj Garewal
Length: 7 hours 12 minutes

On the day he retires, Inspector Ashwin Chopra inherits two unexpected mysteries.

The first is the case of a drowned boy, whose suspicious death no one seems to want solved. And the second is a baby elephant.

As his search for clues takes him across the teeming city of Mumbai, from its grand high rises to its sprawling slums and deep into its... Read more »

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Bestseller #4

The Man Who Died Twice

A Thursday Murder Club Mystery
A Thursday Murder Club Mystery: Book #2

By Richard Osman
Length: TBA

The second gripping novel in the #1 internationally bestselling Thursday Murder Club series, the first of which Kate Atkinson called "A little beacon of pleasure in the midst of the gloom. . . SUCH FUN!"

Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim—the Thursday Murder Club—are still riding high off their recent real-life murder case and are looking forward... Read more »

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Bestseller #5

Murder in the Bayou Boneyard

Cajun Country Mystery: Book #6

By Ellen Byron
Narrated by: Amy Melissa Bentley
Length: 8 hours 49 minutes

Maggie Crozat, proprietor of a historic Cajun Country B&B, prefers to let the good times roll. But hard times rock her hostelry when a new cell phone app makes it easy for locals to rent their spare rooms to tourists. With October—and Halloween—approaching, she conjures up a witch-crafty marketing scheme to draw visitors to Pelican,... Read more »

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Bestseller #6

A Dark and Stormy Murder

Writer's Apprentice Mystery: Book #1

By Julia Buckley
Narrated by: Rebecca Mitchell
Length: 7 hours 53 minutes

Lena London's literary dreams are coming true—as long as she can avoid any real-life villains . . . Camilla Graham's bestselling suspense novels inspired Lena London to become a writer, so when she lands a job as Camilla's new assistant, she can't believe her luck. Not only will she help her idol craft an enchanting new mystery, she'll get to... Read more »

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Bestseller #7

The Furthest Station

Rivers of London: Book #5

By Ben Aaronovitch
Narrated by: Kobna Holdbrook-Smith
Length: 3 hours 6 minutes

There have been ghosts on the London Underground, sad, harmless specters whose presence does little more than give a frisson to traveling and boost tourism. But now there's a rash of sightings on the Metropolitan Line and these ghosts are frightening, aggressive, and seem to be looking for something. Enter PC Peter Grant, junior member of the... Read more »

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Bestseller #8

Murder in an Irish Pub

Irish Village Mystery

By Carlene O'Connor
Narrated by: Caroline Lennon
Length: 9 hours 33 minutes

The small village of Kilbane is hosting a poker tournament at the local pub, and card sharp Eamon Foley, a tinker out of Dublin, is set to win the tournament. But when Foley is found at the end of a rope, it’s time for the garda to take matters into their own hands. Macdara Flannery would lay odds it’s a simple suicide, but Siobhán suspects foul... Read more »

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Bestseller #9

This Side of Murder

The Verity Kent Mysteries: Book #1

By Anna Lee Huber
Narrated by: Heather Wilds
Length: 9 hours 44 minutes

The Great War is over, but one young widow discovers the real intrigue has only just begun.England, 1919. Verity Kent's grief over the loss of her husband pierces anew when she receives a cryptic letter suggesting her beloved Sidney may have committed treason before his untimely death. Determined to dull her pain with revelry, Verity's first... Read more »

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Bestseller #10

Night Moves

Country Club Murders: Book #12

By Julie Mulhern
Narrated by: Callie Beaulieu
Length: 7 hours 39 minutes

Spring is in the air, and Ellison Russell has places to go, people to see, bodies to find. Strike that. For once, Ellison doesn't discover the body. When Detective Anarchy Jones investigates a friend's husband's murder, Ellison can't help but get involved.

Now she's waist-deep in toxic gossip, struggling with the soaring heights and nocuous... Read more »

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Bestseller #11

Ghost Mortem

A Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Ghost Detective

By Jane Hinchey
Narrated by: Angel Clark
Length: 6 hours 28 minutes

Whoever said that ghosts exist must be out of their mind.

Oh, wait. That was me. I said that. If you’d told me yesterday that ghosts were real I would have smiled, nodded, and called a shrink to fix your deluded little mind. Now it’s my turn to question my sanity when the ghost of my best friend turns up in my apartment. Was it the tequila shots... Read more »

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Bestseller #12

Midnight Snacks are Murder

Poppy McAllister Mystery: Book #2

By Libby Klein
Narrated by: Callie Beaulieu
Length: 9 hours 34 minutes

When her sleepwalking aunt is accused of committing murder, Poppy McAllister finds out there's no rest for the weary . . . Between trying to get her gluten-free baking business off the ground and helping her aunt remodel her old Victorian into the Butterfly House Bed and Breakfast in Cape May, New Jersey, Poppy is ready to call, "Mayday!" And... Read more »

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Bestseller #13

Above the Paw

Paw Enforcement: Book #5

By Diane Kelly
Narrated by: Coleen Marlo
Length: 8 hours 20 minutes

When a rash of college students fall seriously ill after ingesting Molly, a "club drug" also known as ecstasy, Officer Megan Luz and her K-9 partner Brigit are tasked with tracking down the dealers. Going undercover at the university leads Megan closer and closer to infiltrating the drug trafficking ring. But when the investigation implicates... Read more »

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Bestseller #14

A Curious Incident

Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mysteries

By Vicki Delany
Length: 8 hours 20 minutes

I am not a Consulting Detective, Gemma Doyle reluctantly tells ten-year-old Lauren Tierney, when the little girl comes to the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium to beg Gemma to find her missing cat, Snowball. Gemma might not be able to follow the clues to find the cat, but her dog Violet follows her nose to locate the missing kitten in a... Read more »

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Bestseller #15

Murder at Maypole Manor

A Cozy Historical Murder Mystery
The Posie Parker Mystery Series

By L.B. Hathaway
Narrated by: Clare Wille
Length: 8 hours 12 minutes

Lies, Spies, Film Stars and Murder

New Year’s Eve, 1921

Posie has been asked to accompany Inspector Richard Lovelace of Scotland Yard on an undercover mission. Their destination is a glittering New Year’s Eve party at Maypole Manor, the clifftop home of Lord Robin Glaysayer. Among the twelve guests are a famous film star, an artist, an Italian... Read more »

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Bestseller #16

The Tomb of the Honey Bee

A Cozy Historical Murder Mystery
The Posie Parker Mystery Series

By L.B. Hathaway
Narrated by: Clare Wille
Length: 7 hours 22 minutes

Like your mysteries as sweet as honey but with a real sting in the tail?

Summer 1921

Posie Parker thought she was about to enjoy a restful summer. But this is no ordinary summer holiday...

When famous explorer Alaric Boynton-Dale disappears, Posie uncovers many dark secrets: an aristocratic family torn apart by hatred, a bizarre murder at an... Read more »

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Bestseller #17

Death by Chocolate Snickerdoodle

By Sarah Graves
Length: 9 hours 20 minutes

As co-owners of Eastport's beloved waterfront bakery, The Chocolate Moose, Jake and Ellie know their customers expect them to cream the competition. But they're really just in it for fun, hoping to get Jake's daughter-in-law baking again. Those plans collapse when fearsome local curmudgeon Alvin Carter is murdered, and every crumb of evidence... Read more »

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Bestseller #18

Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death

The Agatha Raisin Mysteries: Book #1

By M. C. Beaton
Narrated by: Penelope Keith
Length: 6 hours 24 minutes

Putting all her eggs in one basket, Agatha Raisin gives up her successful public-relations firm, sells her London flat, and samples a taste of early retirement in the quiet village of Carsely. Bored, lonely, and used to getting her way, she enters a local baking contest-surely a blue ribbon for the best quiche will make her the toast of the... Read more »

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Bestseller #19

Murder at an Irish Christmas

By Carlene O'Connor
Narrated by: Caroline Lennon
Length: 9 hours 19 minutes

This December in Kilbane, if you’re planning to warm up with a cuppa tea at Naomi’s Bistro, you may have a bit of a wait—the entire O’Sullivan brood has gone off to West Cork to spend the holidays with brother James’s fiancée Elise’s family, including her grandfather, the famous orchestral conductor Enda Elliot. Siobhán is so happy for James and... Read more »

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Bestseller #20

Mrs. Mohr Goes Missing

The Zofia Turbotyńska Mysteries: Book #1

By Maryla Szymiczkowa & Antonia Lloyd-Jones
Narrated by: Moira Quirk
Length: 10 hours 4 minutes

“An ingenious marriage of comedy and crime.” —Olga Tokarczuk, Nobel laureate and author of Man Booker International Prize winner Flights A charming, witty, and deliciously spooky mystery, inspired by the work of Agatha Christie, following a bored socialite who becomes Cracow’s most cunning amateur sleuth.

Cracow, 1893. Zofia... Read more »

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Bestseller #21

The Whispered Word

By Ellery Adams
Narrated by: Cris Dukehart
Length: 8 hours 34 minutes

Nora Pennington, the owner of Miracle Books, believes that a well-chosen novel can bring healing and hope. But she and the rest of the members of the Secret, Book, and Scone Society know that, sometimes, practical help is needed too. Such is the case with the reed-thin girl hiding in the fiction section of Nora's store, wearing a hospital ID and... Read more »

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Bestseller #22

The Golden Tresses of the Dead

A Flavia de Luce Novel
Flavia de Luce: Book #10

By Alan Bradley
Narrated by: Jayne Entwistle
Length: 8 hours 46 minutes

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A finger in a wedding cake is only the beginning in this deliciously shocking mystery featuring Flavia de Luce, “the world’s greatest adolescent British chemist/busybody/sleuth” (The Seattle Times).

Although it is autumn in the small English town of Bishop’s Lacey, the chapel is decked with exotic flowers. Yes, Flavia... Read more »

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Bestseller #23

The Grave's a Fine and Private Place

A Flavia de Luce Novel
Flavia de Luce: Book #9

By Alan Bradley
Narrated by: Jayne Entwistle
Length: 9 hours 47 minutes

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “The world’s greatest adolescent British chemist/busybody/sleuth” (The Seattle Times), Flavia de Luce, returns in a twisty mystery novel from award-winning author Alan Bradley.

In the wake of an unthinkable family tragedy, twelve-year-old Flavia de Luce is struggling to fill her empty days. For a needed escape, Dogger,... Read more »

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Bestseller #24

Death Beside the Seaside

A Lady Hardcastle Mystery: Book #6

By T E Kinsey
Narrated by: Elizabeth Knowelden
Length: 9 hours 54 minutes

July 1910. Lady Hardcastle and her tireless sidekick Flo have finally embarked on a long-overdue seaside break. But just as they’re wavering between ice creams and donkey rides, their fellow guests start to go missing—and the duo find themselves with a hysterical hotel manager and a case to solve.

The first to disappear is Dr Goddard, a scientist... Read more »

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Bestseller #25

Furmidable Foes

Mrs. Murphy Mysteries: Book #29

By Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown
Narrated by: Kate Forbes
Length: 9 hours 13 minutes

Mary Minor Harry Harristeen is on the hunt for a killer with a deadly green thumb when a day in the garden turns fatal in this exciting new mystery from Rita Mae Brown and her feline co-author Sneaky Pie Brown. Spring arrives in northern Virginia, and as the ground thaws and the peonies begin to bloom a bright magenta, the women of St. Lukes... Read more »

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Bestseller #26

A Spell for Trouble

An Enchanted Bay Mystery
Enchanted Bay mysteries

By Esme Addison
Narrated by: Emily Durante
Length: 10 hours 1 minutes

Aleksandra Daniels hasn't set foot in the quiet seaside town of Bellamy Bay, North Carolina in over twenty years. Ever since her mother's tragic death, her father has mysteriously forbidden her from visiting her aunt and cousins. But on a whim, Alex accepts an invitation to visit her estranged relatives and to help them in their family business:... Read more »

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Bestseller #27

Aunt Dimity and the Heart of Gold

Aunt Dimity

By Nancy Atherton
Narrated by: Christina Moore
Length: 6 hours 17 minutes

It's almost Christmas in the small English village of Finch—and everyone is sick. Although many of the villagers regretfully decline their invitations to Emma and Derek Harris's annual Christmas bash, Lori Shepherd has no intention of missing it. When the winter weather takes a turn for the worse, it's agreed that none of the guests will leave... Read more »

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Bestseller #28

Killing in C Sharp

Gethsemane Brown Mysteries

By Alexia Gordon
Narrated by: Helen Duff
Length: 9 hours 30 minutes

Gethsemane fought off an attack by a sleazy hotel developer who wanted to turn her Irish cottage into a tourist trap. But now she must face a vengeful ghost determined to exact revenge for a murder that took place centuries ago. This ghost's wrath spares no one-not Gethsemane's students, Inspector Niall O'Reilly, fellow teacher Frankie Grennan,... Read more »

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Bestseller #29

Wine Tastings Are Murder

Poppy McAllister Mystery: Book #5

By Libby Klein
Narrated by: Callie Beaulieu
Length: 9 hours 59 minutes

It's vintage Poppy when the gluten-free baker and B&B owner tries to solve a murder at a Cape May winery in Libby Klein's fifth deliciously witty, paleo-themed Poppy McAllister Mystery. When Poppy and Aunt Ginny agreed to host a Wine and Cheese Happy Hour for a tour group at their Butterfly House Bed and Breakfast on the Jersey Shore, they... Read more »

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Bestseller #30

Lemon Drop Dead

Amish Candy Shop Mystery: Book #6

By Amanda Flower
Narrated by: Rebecca Mitchell
Length: 8 hours 48 minutes

Murder always leaves a sour taste . . . Although baby showers aren't an Amish tradition, Bailey King wants to celebrate Emily Keim's forthcoming bundle of joy. It's the least she can do for her hardworking assistant at Swissmen Sweets, especially with Emily being estranged from her siblings. Everyone in Harvest, Ohio has gathered at the town... Read more »

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Bestseller #31

Murder Is a Must

A First Edition Library Mystery: Book #2

By Marty Wingate
Narrated by: Marisa Calin
Length: 10 hours 40 minutes

Determined to make the First Edition Library a success, Hayley Burke wasn’t expecting to have to solve an old friend’s murder in this all-new mystery from USA Today bestselling author Marty Wingate.

Hayley Burke, curator of Lady Fowling's collection of first edition mysteries, is settling into her position at the First Edition Library in... Read more »

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Bestseller #32

In the Market for Murder

A Lady Hardcastle Mystery: Book #2

By T E Kinsey
Narrated by: Elizabeth Knowelden
Length: 8 hours 5 minutes

Spring, 1909, and Lady Hardcastle, amateur sleuth and all-round eccentric, is enjoying a well-deserved rest. But a week after a trip to the cattle market, Spencer Caradine, a local farmer, turns up dead in the pub, face-down in his beef and mushroom pie. Once again, it is up to Lady Hardcastle and her maid, Florence, to solve the case.

Armed with... Read more »

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Bestseller #33

Murder at the House of Rooster Happiness

Ethical Chiang Mai Detective Agency: Book #1

By David Casarett
Narrated by: Kristin Kalbli
Length: 9 hours 7 minutes

Meet Ladarat Patalung -- the first and only nurse detective in Thailand.
Two nights ago, a young woman brought her husband into the emergency room of the Sriphat Hospital in Thailand, where he passed away. A guard thinks she remembers her coming in before, but with a different husband -- one who also died.
Ladarat Patalung, for one, would have... Read more »

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Bestseller #34

Christmas Cocoa Murder

By Maddie Day, Alex Erickson & Carlene O’Connor
Narrated by: Amy Landon
Length: 9 hours 52 minutes

"CHRISTMAS COCOA MURDER" by Carlene O'Connor Siobhán O'Sullivan's hopes for a quiet Irish Christmas are dashed when the local Santa turns up dead in a carnival dunk tank of hot cocoa. Now instead of hunting down holiday gifts, she's pursuing a heartless killer. Seems the dead Santa was no angel either, stealing neighborhood dogs to guide his... Read more »

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Bestseller #35

Hospitality and Homicide

Tourist Trap Mystery: Book #8

By Lynn Cahoon
Narrated by: Susan Boyce
Length: 7 hours 16 minutes

A visit to the serene coastal town of South Cove, California, could make anybody feel refreshed and inspired. But as Jill Gardner—owner of Coffee, Books, and More—discovers, some folks won't live to tell about it . . . Mystery author Nathan Pike checked into South Cove Bed & Breakfast to compose a compelling novel, not commit murder. But... Read more »

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Bestseller #36

The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown

A Baby Ganesh Agency Investigation

By Vaseem Khan
Narrated by: Sartaj Garewal
Length: 8 hours 43 minutes

For centuries, the Koh-i-Noor diamond has set man against man and king against king.

Now part of the British Crown Jewels, the priceless gem is a prize that many have killed to possess.

So when the Crown Jewels go on display in Mumbai, security is everyone's principal concern. And yet, on the very day Inspector Chopra visits the exhibition, the... Read more »

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Bestseller #37

Damsel in Distress

A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery
The Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries: Book #5

By Carola Dunn
Narrated by: Mia Chiaromonte
Length: 7 hours 34 minutes

In spring a young man’s fancy will turn to love, and theHonorable Phillip Petrie is no exception. Daisy’s chum is totally smitten withMiss Gloria Arbuckle, daughter of a millionaire Yank. But before theenthusiastic suitor can pop the question, his beloved is abducted. As adistraught Mr. Arbuckle begins assembling the ransom, Phillip enlists... Read more »

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Bestseller #38

Fishing for Trouble

The Alaskan Diner Series: Book #2

By Elizabeth Logan
Narrated by: Caroline Hewitt
Length: 8 hours 20 minutes

Something fishy is going on at a local seafood processing plant, and Charlie Cooke is on the hook to solve the case in this new Alaskan Diner Mystery.

Summer has come to Elkview, Alaska, bringing twenty hours of sunlight every day, not to mention a surge of tourists and seasonal workers. Chef Charlie Cooke is eager for a busy yet relaxing season,... Read more »

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Bestseller #39

Butter Witch (Torrent Witches Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

Torrent Witches Cozy Mysteries

By Tess Lake
Narrated by: Natalie Duke
Length: 6 hours 25 minutes

The International Butter Festival has come to town! When Harlow Torrent, part-time journalist and full-time Slip witch stumbles upon a dead body, frozen and drained of blood, she's pulled into a murder mystery.

Someone has murdered one of the Butter Festival competitors. Was it Zero Bend, punk sculptor extraordinaire with a history of violence?... Read more »

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Bestseller #40

The Secret of Dunhaven Castle

A Cate Kensie Mystery
Cate Kensie Mysteries

By Nellie H. Steele
Narrated by: Naomi Rose-Mock
Length: 8 hours 38 minutes

How in the world could she now own a castle?

Shy, introverted Dr. Cate Kensie never imagined that she would inherit a beautiful, and oddly quirky, castle nestled in the picturesque Scottish Highlands. Truthfully, she was sure that she didn’t have any family left after her parents died in a car accident several years before, but then she had... Read more »

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Bestseller #41

Murder Around the Corner

A Cozy Mystery Novella

By Chris Racknor
Narrated by: Michael McSweeney
Length: 1 hours 34 minutes

Could you solve a murder if you had to bring your kid along?

Being a stay-at-home dad is boring. Dan Westerby is a smart guy going stir crazy stuck at home with his kids. There is always something one of them needs, and neither can keep up an interesting conversation. When Dan decides that going to the gym again will provide him with the regular... Read more »

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Bestseller #42

A Pairing to Die For

Colorado Wine: Book #2

By Kate Lansing
Narrated by: Brooke Hoover
Length: 8 hours

A young winemaker is over a barrel when her new boyfriend is accused of murder in this delightful cozy mystery. It's fall in Boulder, Colorado, and the leaves aren't the only things changing. Parker Valentine, owner of Vino Valentine, is finally settling in to her winery and her new relationship with Reid Wallace, a local chef. But their... Read more »

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Bestseller #43

Deadly Editions

Scottish Bookshop Mystery: Book #6

By Paige Shelton
Narrated by: Susan Boyce
Length: 8 hours 27 minutes

It's a quiet, snowy morning at The Cracked Spine bookshop, when bookseller Delaney Nichols receives a mysterious visitor, a messenger. He presents her with a perplexing note: an invitation to a meeting with eccentric socialite Shelagh O'Conner, who requests Delaney's participation in an exclusive treasure hunt. Delaney is intrigued, but also... Read more »

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Bestseller #44

Murder at the Boat Club

Ginger Gold Mystery Series Book 9
Ginger Gold Series

By Lee Strauss
Narrated by: Elizabeth Klett
Length: 4 hours 50 minutes

Murder's a bad stroke of luck!

River Thames boat races between the London University colleges are an popular events, and Mrs. Ginger Reed is excited to attend for the first time, especially since the son of a good friend of her new husband, Chief Inspector Basil Reed, is racing.

 When a very unusual murder presents itself at the boat club,  Lady... Read more »

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Bestseller #45

Meddling and Murder

An Aunty Lee Mystery
Singaporean Mystery: Book #4

By Ovidia Yu
Narrated by: Emily Woo Zeller
Length: 7 hours 58 minutes

A delightfully warm and witty mystery from one of Singapore's best-known and most acclaimed writers. Aunty Lee is on the case!

There is nothing Rosie "Aunty" Lee, amateur sleuth and proprietor of Singapore's best-loved restaurant, loves more than solving other people's problems. So when Beth Kwuan, an ambitious businesswoman, tells Aunty Lee... Read more »

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Bestseller #46

Cherringham, Episodes 1–3

A Cosy Crime Series Compilation
The Cherringham Series: Book #1

By Matthew Costello & Neil Richards
Narrated by: Neil Dudgeon
Length: 7 hours 47 minutes

Set in the sleepy English village of Cherringham, this cozy detective series brings together an unlikely sleuthing duo: English web designer Sarah and American ex-cop Jack. Each of the self-contained episodes is a quick listen for the morning commute, while waiting for the doctor, or when curling up with a hot cuppa.

Murder on Thames

Cherringham—a... Read more »

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Bestseller #47

Death Al Dente

Food Lovers' Village Mystery: Book #1

By Leslie Budewitz
Narrated by: Rebecca Mitchell
Length: 9 hours 14 minutes

The town of Jewel Bay, Montana—known as a Food Lovers' Village—is obsessed with homegrown and homemade Montana fare. So when Erin Murphy takes over her family's century-old general store, she turns it into a boutique market filled with local delicacies. But Erin's freshly booming business might go rotten when a former employee turns up dead . .... Read more »

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Bestseller #48

Silence of the Lamb's Wool

Yarn Retreat Mystery: Book #2

By Betty Hechtman
Narrated by: Margaret Strom
Length: 9 hours 7 minutes

Dessert chef Casey Feldstein is running a new retreat called "From Sheep to Shawl" at a resort on the atmospheric Monterey Peninsula. Participants will learn about sheepshearing, fixing up the fleece, and spinning, and will eventually knit a lovely shawl. Nicole Welton has been hired to teach the fleece-to-fiber portion of the retreat. She's an... Read more »

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Bestseller #49

Death of a Ghost

A Hamish Macbeth Mystery: Book #32

By M. C. Beaton
Narrated by: Graeme Malcolm
Length: 5 hours 36 minutes

Sergeant Hamish Macbeth--Scotland's most quick-witted but unambitious policeman--returns in M.C. Beaton's new mystery in her New York Times bestselling series. From the author of the Agatha Raisin series.

When Police Sergeant Hamish Macbeth hears reports of a haunted castle near Drim, he assumes the eerie noises and lights reported by the... Read more »

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Bestseller #50

The Blood of an Englishman

An Agatha Raisin Mystery
The Agatha Raisin Mysteries: Book #25

By M. C. Beaton
Narrated by: Alison Larkin
Length: 6 hours 50 minutes

In this irresistible new mystery from New York Times bestselling author M. C. Beaton, the adorably cranky Agatha Raisin investigates when a local bakeris murdered while performing in a seemingly harmless pantomime.

“Fee, fie, fo, fum. I smell the blood of an Englishman …”

Even though Agatha Raisin loathes amateur dramatics, herfriend Mrs. Bloxby,... Read more »

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