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Who we are is your independent store for digital audiobooks. is based in Seattle, WA, and offers tens of thousands of DRM-free digital audiobooks, available for a la carte download and through our membership program. Customers listen to their audiobooks on our free iOS and Android apps. We partner with independent bookstores to create co-branded digital audiobook storefronts and work with every major publisher and hundreds of independents.

How to find your audiobooks on

Search for your audiobook(s) on the search page or using the search bar at the top of this page.

How to get your audiobook on and into indie bookstores

If you don’t see your audiobook on and/or want to find out how to make it happen, send an email to We can point you in the right direction on the best way to produce your own audiobook or get it distributed.

Where we sell audiobooks

We partner with hundreds of independent bookstores to sell audiobooks.

How helps authors promote their audiobooks

There are a couple of ways helps authors promote audiobooks:

Send an email to if you want to work with us on promoting your audiobooks.

The difference

View the list of reasons why customers choose over that other company, including the fact that pays you more money for every audiobook sold through an indie bookstore. We want to build a more sustainable, community-driven ecosystem. opposes audiobook exclusives

While has tens of thousands of audiobooks and more than 99% of all the NYT bestsellers, there are a few titles that are unavailable because of exclusive licenses granted by audiobook publishers and authors to Amazon’s Audible. We are fiercely independent and oppose Amazon’s efforts to keep the indies and others out of the audiobook business.

How do you prevent Amazon’s Audible from shutting out indie bookstores? First, understand the contract with your publisher: will your publisher produce the audiobook or license it to another publisher? Either way, add language into your agreement that requires your audiobook to be sold through independent bookstores. Second, if your publisher is planning to contract or license the audiobook version, ensure that your publisher puts language in their licensing agreement that prevents the audiobook publisher from selling your title exclusively to Amazon’s Audible.

Your support matters

Your fans love you, they listen to you. If you’d like to help fuel independent bookstores across the nation, and push for fair payment of your work, join our movement. Please share the links to your audiobook(s) on on your website and through social media. And if your audiobook is not available on due to an exclusivity clause or other contract, make your voice heard by talking to your agent and publisher.

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Feel free to shoot us an email at

Authors and Indies

Authors love independent bookstores for some of the same reasons the rest of us do: they are hubs for community, their booksellers make fantastic recommendations, and they are great physical spaces to celebrate love of books.

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