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Denial & Disruption: Singularity's Children, Books #1 and #2

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Denial & Disruption: Singularity's Children, Books #1 and #2

Audiobook compilation

Singularity's Children


The first two books in the Singularity's Children series.

Book one - Denial

Tense, intelligent science fiction packed with ideas. 

Debt, wars, and inequality are pushing society toward collapse. It's a world desiccated by soulless algorithms, pacified beneath the battle suit's boot, and numbed by the bewitching voices of computational propaganda. 

Singularity's Children is vivid world-building. The desperate lives of its characters draw the listener into a terrifyingly familiar world only a butterfly flap away.

Book two - Disruption

It takes us deeper into an action-packed riot of haves and have-nots; a vivid alternate future filled with Buddhist commandos, stolen Femto-tech, AI sages, and quantum consciousness.

A decade after economic collapse sent the world’s governments toppling like dominoes, the corporations are back on top. Their AI farms have relieved society of the drudgery of work, leaving behind a broiling underclass precariat. The Forward governments pacify their rabbles with computer-generated titillation while channelling legions of the desperate into overseas peacekeeping.

Subversive, fast-paced action. A provocative excursion into a near-future civilization struggling to survive the maelstrom of post-human forces its technology is unleashing.

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Singularity's Children Series

Denial & Disruption: Singularity's Children, Books #1 and #2
Denial & Disruption: Singularity's Children, Books #1 and #2
Toby Weston
Toby Weston
Toby Weston

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