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Valorous by Marie Force

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Quantum: Book #2


After surviving a traumatic event at age fifteen and the ensuing estrangement from her family, Natalie Bryant has worked for years to reinvent herself into the woman she is today: a happy teacher fresh out of college enjoying her first winter in New York City with her faithful dog, Fluff, by her side. She isn’t expecting her life to change completely during a routine stroll through Greenwich Village, but when Fluff breaks loose and charges into a park, she gives chase and crashes into her destiny. Only after Fluff bites and draws blood from the man who accidentally knocked her down does she realize Fluff has bitten the biggest movie star in the world. Natalie captivates Flynn Godfrey from the first moment their eyes meet while she is lying on the ground and he’s fighting off her ferocious little beast of a dog. The only thing he knows for certain is that if he lets her get away, he’ll regret it for the rest of his life. After only a short time in her presence, he’s prepared to change who he is to be what she needs. He knows he’s in big trouble when she says she won’t sleep with him and he doesn’t care if it means he gets to keep her in his life. But can he turn his back on the lifestyle that has defined him? Can he deny the desires that drive him to give her the introduction to love and romance she so deserves? And most of all, can he keep his truth hidden from her long enough to have forever with her? app in a gift box

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Shop small and gift big! Every purchase supports local bookstores. Make a difference