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The Racehorse Who Became a Marine Corps Hero

By Tom Clavin
Narrated by Jim Manchester / 9 hours 52 minutes

From the racetracksof Seoul to the battlegrounds of the Korean War, Reckless was a horse whosestrength, tenacity, and relentless spirit made her a hero among a regiment of USMarines fighting for their lives on the front lines.

Her Korean name was Ah-Chim-Hai, meaning Flame-of-the-Morning. Afour-year-old chestnut-colored Mongolian racehorse with a white blaze down herface and three white stockings, she once amazed the crowds in Seoul with herremarkable speed. But the star racer was soonsold to an American marine and trained to carry heavy loads of artillery shellsup and down steep hills under a barrage of bullets and bombs. The marinesrenamed her Reckless.

Reckless soon proved fearless under fire, boldly trekkingalone through the fiery gauntlet, exposed to explosions and shrapnel. Formonths, her drive and determination kept the marines’ guns blazing, whileinspiring them with her singular charm. During one day of battle alone, shemade fifty-one trips up and down a crucial hill, covering at least twenty-fivemiles in the heat of combat. On some of her uphill treks, Reckless shieldedhuman reinforcements. The Chinese, soon discovering the unique bravery of thismagnificent animal, made a special effort to kill her. But Reckless neverslowed. As months passed and the enemy grew bolder, the men came to appreciateher not just as a horse but as a weapon and, eventually, as a fellow marine.

In Reckless, Tom Clavin, national bestsellingcoauthor of Halsey’s Typhoon, tellsthe unlikely story of a racehorse who truly became a war hero, beloved by the US Marine Corps and decorated for bravery. A moving reminder of the unbreakablebond between people and animals, Reckless is a powerful tale of courage,survival, and even love in the face of overwhelming odds.


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