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Rain Dogs

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Rain Dogs

By Baron R. Birtcher
Narrated by Ray Porter & Timothy Andrés Pabon / 9 hours 12 minutes

Theyear is 1976, and the first shots are being fired in the narcotics andhuman-trafficking war. Colt Freeland and his partner, Snyder, want only topreserve their small piece of the marijuana trade. Like a modern-day Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, do their work with proficiency and stealth and, whennecessary, deadly force.

Hundredsof miles away, a law-enforcement task force patrols the border between the UnitedStates and Mexico, the desolate no-man’s-land that separates misery andprosperity. They seek to curb the unspeakable violence that feeds off theever-growing number of illegal immigrants who find themselves at the mercy of ruthless “coyotes” they have paid to guide them in their desperate crossing.

Farther southwest, an elegant hacienda is nestled behind protectivewalls at an isolated ranch on the coast of the Sea of Cortez. Beyond thewell-guarded gates, Miguel Zamora has placed himself at the center of apowerful circle of corrupt Mexican officials on the cusp of establishing tieswith Columbian drug cartels. Zamora, driven by avarice and steeped in paranoia,begins to seize control of his world with a singular and savage brutality thatthreatens to unleash a firestorm of bloodshed on both sides of the border.

Snyderand Colt decide to cash in on one last marijuana harvest in one final run down the coastbefore leaving their outlaw lives behind them. But when their meticulously plannedscheme comes undone, it forces them into a rash and hazardous escape from thelaw and directly into the crossfire of an internecine narcotics war that no onehad seen coming.


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