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Cryollyna's Island

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Cryollyna's Island

Witch's Childhood and the Viking Age

Cryollyna's Island Wicked Witch Series


Wicked With Cryollyna was born in the year 852 in Argentina, South America. Her tribe was small and lived in the Cave of the Witches located in the Argentine Andes Mountain Range.Community survival was getting increasingly difficult due to the constant attacks from rival tribes located in the Patagonian Planes as well as from the high mountain Andean tribes. One day there occurred a powerful earthquake and a volcanic explosion that killed Cryollyna's mother and most of the tribe. Her grandmother, the wicked witch Victoria, managed to snatch little Cryollyna away from harms way and decided it was necessary to find a new place to live. Grandma Witch Victoria found a perfect island cave located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There she established a new lair, the current Cryollyna's Island.

Once established in their new cave home Cryollyna and her grandmother embark on a great voyage that takes them to Scandinavia where the Vikings ruled supreme.There they experience many adventures together.

Cryollyna's Island Wicked Witch Series is a collection of English Language bedtime stories for kids of all ages in the voice of a Dad (the author) informally telling the stories to his children. Cryollyna is a powerful witch over one thousand years old that speaks many languages. She has the capacity to become invisible, transform herself physically to disguise herself, travel through time warps and to other dimensions. Her main lair is located on an island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her secondary lair is located deep in the Amazon jungle. Her adventures occur all over the world. The book is meant to entertain and teach kids about life in general, including adventures concurrent with actual historical happenings.

The book might also be interesting for the kids inside each adult. Thank you.

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Cryollyna's Island Wicked Witch Series Series

Cryollyna's Island
Cryollyna's Island
Carl Sweet & Carl Sweet

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