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Camp Mah Tovu #4 by Yael Mermelstein

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Camp Mah Tovu #4

American Horse Tales: Book #4


At Jewish summer camp, Lila struggles to make friends until she meets a mysterious horse in the nearby woods who helps her develop confidence in this fourth story in the American Horse Tales series.

Lila is a young girl attending Jewish summer camp. She doesn't initially connect with the other campers and finds herself alone in the forest, where she encounters Lonny, a beautiful brown horse with white spots on his face. In Lonny, Lila finds a friend who will listen to her problems as she develops the confidence she needs to befriend the other campers. Camp Mah Tovu is part of a series of books written by several authors highlighting the unique relationships between young girls and their horses.

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American Horse Tales Series

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Spend $15 or more at an independent bookstore and get a free audiobook! Learn more